Donna, Social Worker. Waikato, NZ.

I was a social worker for disability support link at Waikato. I was mandated to vaccinate. I refused and lost my job. The way in which the mandates were enforced was horrific. I requested exemption due to family history of subarachnoid hemorrhage but was refused. I endured Bullying from managers, threats to withhold holiday pay, treated like a leaper not allowed to drop off equipment at the office forced to meet in a car park at Christmas these were horrendos experiences. My husband was mandated to vaccinated and did. He now has enlarged heart and left ventricular, severe hypertension. He was a strong fit man in the gym every day, hiking, walking dog daily. Then suddenly diagnosed with the heart issues and severe arthritis in both hips which came from nowhere and progressed so rapidly he required bilateral hip replacement. He just had his first surgery. He worked for Idea services. He was so stressed by the pressure he was put under he took some leave. Even during leave he was getting phone calls and text messages from managers pressuring him to vaccinate. He is now dealing with the consequences of that.

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