Dianna (62), Nurse (But No Longer Patient Contact). Auckland, NZ.

My working mandate story:

I work in Auckland but live between Paeroa and Thames on our dairy farm, when the gene therapy so called vaccine was offered at work, I declined, I managed to not engage for some time, in much the same way that I have managed the compulsory flu vaccines over the last 10 years, I thought back then the CV jab would be treated the same way, however once the P&C (previously HR) department started chasing me to find out my vaccine status and then my boss started emailing me and phoning me, I realised that this was going to be a problem. I decided that this was my “line in the sand” moment and I was NOT going to be forced into having an experimental medical intervention, I was fully prepared to leave my job, however my husband said don't make it easy on them, make them sack you! Don't resign. We went to expense of hiring an employment lawyer who represented me and supported me in the whole process, as it turned out I kept my job albeit permanently based at home (actually a win, win situation for me). I am still working from home, but because the mandates have now been dropped, I am getting pressure to go back to Auckland to work (people have such short memories, don't they?)

On a more personal, i.e. not work related, we were not able to go to the wedding of our friends' daughter's wedding as a vax pass was required for the venue, that was really hurtful.

On the positive side we now have a new tribe who are like minded and we do not have to censor our speech when we get together – I guess there is always a silver lining, and another positive is RCR

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