Det (65), Educator Of Natural Health. Waikato, NZ.

I give a resounding “Never ever” to anyone silly enough to ask me if Ive had any Cv Vxs. Why? The list is very long and of course 4 years down the track a myriad of acquaintances from my religion have been hospitalised with sudden turbo cancers, strokes, heart attacks and other sudden serious anomalies. One relative had all of their organs shutting down from toxoplasmosis ie cat faeces. Another woman of 40 stopped playing Pickle Ball to rest..leaned over n died. Another fit friend, a sportsman died on the football field. An old friend mentioned that she had attended 14 funerals in the padt 2 months at the time of friends or relatives. Turbo Times! Ive experienced the symptoms of standard Cv with its weird headaches n energy wipe out over 1 week thanks to Shedding effects. Pine needle tea has helped. Ivetmectin is still a pharma drug with a list of side effects designed for animals remember.

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