Dennis, It Professional (Retired). Tasman, NZ.

The propaganda put out by government at the beginning of the so called pandemic convinced my wife and I to get the vaccine.

My wife had a bad reaction to the vaccine and twice was admitted to the ICU at Nelson hospital. When she first presented with severe pain in her limbs her doctor treated it as an old complaint, Dystonia. There was no improvement and she was admitted to ICU. Upon release she was treated with anti depression and anti anxiety drugs. The cause of the pain was not investigated. Eventually she was referred to a medical specialist and an appointment was made for a consultation. But this was cancelled due to lockdown. A Zoom Call consultation followed. A tentative diagnosis was made for Peripheral Neuropathy. Once again she landed in ICU after overdosing on her prescription medication as the pain was unbearable. In ICU the specialist visited her and confirmed Peripheral Neuropathy diagnosis. She was released from ICU but continued on anti anxiety and anti depression drugs along with the medication for the Neuropathy.

My wife suffered from Focal Foot Dystonia brought on by a drug, Phenothiazine, that was administered as an anti nausea addition to chemotherapy she underwent 15 years earlier. She was left with a walking disability as a result. This ruined the life of and active woman. I was her main support doing most of the household chores including preparation of meals. The incessant propaganda about covid added to her anxiety. She was terrified that I was going to die from covid because I am asthmatic and would leave her without support. She once again overdosed on her prescription medication and died. We'd been married for 58 years. I am devastated by the loss.

I emailed Medsafe to ask whether Peripheral Neuropathy was a side effect of the vaccine and they replied that it was not. By this time I had seen the documents released by Pfizer following a court order. Peripheral Neuropathy is listed as a side effect of the Pfizer vaccine. I once again emailed Medsafe with this information and it was summarily dismissed. I reported my wife's death to CARM with as many details as I had and to date no neuropathies are listed as a side effect of the vaccine. Overseas counterparts of CARM list neuropathies as a common side effect.

It is disgusting how the New Zealand Medical establishment along with the Pharmaceutical industry has ridden roughshod over the peoples of New Zealand.

Its time justice was served on them.

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