Debra (62), Supported Living Brnefit. Wellington, NZ.

1: After having my 2nd injection on the 19/12/2021, I immediately felt unwell and spent 2 -3 hours waiting for my heart rate to come back to normal at Team Medical Health Centre.

2: A few days later I got short of breath and wheezy. Nothing much to worry about so I thought. Just very very mild asthma that on a rear occasion happens, but this became a regular pattern and escalated.

3: my first ICU admission for severe asthma came in March 2022. I have had over 5 ICU admissions now. Every 2-6 weeks I'm in hospital now. About 15 admissions times in less than 2 years. Not the life I want at 62 yrs

4: My immune system appears to be altered and I now generate too many ensilophils (part of white blood cell count) . I now have to take an injection (Nucala) every 28 days to try and mop up the excess ensilophils. My body now recognises the world I live in as a threat, I constantly battle asthma now as my bodies reaction to it all.

4: Not sure where this all will take me, I struggle to get doctors to look at the possibility of spike protein in my lungs as a recent CT has now shown Septal Thickening of my right lower lobe, with ground glass opacity. I feel they think I'm talking a load of nonsense. Perhaps I am, I don't no. But the doctors don't know why it is, isn't their job to find out.

5: I am noted to having severe to life threading attacks. brittle Asthma. Basically twice in the last year my condition was life threatening. Not looking terribly bright for me.

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