Deborah (63), Rn. Taranaki, NZ.

I flew out of Australia on the eve of lockdown, having been on my way to Thailand via Melbourne, but with flights cancelled, had to return to NZ. With all the talk of a ‘covid virus' I said, don't be afraid of some so called virus (remember 2009 when precisely nothing happened), but be VERY wary of what will follow. Lo and behold a ‘vaccine' was quickly available. Safe and effective no less. Considering flu ‘vaccines' are next to useless and do harm (killed my elderly father; age compromised immune systems do NOT cope with these ‘vaccines') I was of course blinking with disbelief that not only were these ‘vaccines' developed in months (actually, no, it was 2003 and all the animals died with those experiments, with the creator saying they must NOT be used on humans) but that people so eagerly swallowed the government BS. Fear mongering certainly works wonders on the average person. Then of course there was the blackmailing (calling it anything else is mere semantics) of citizens. No jab? No problem. Therefore no job, no business, no house, nothing. Backed into a corner , looking at losing everything, what were people to do..?

My two sons lost their jobs with lockdowns. No way will they ever accept some government endorsed filthy injection aside from that.

For me, two years of not being allowed to leave the country and being harangued day and night by a disgusting she-devil disguised as a leader of a country I could not wait to leave NZ.

I will never live there again. The feeling of being trapped was horrendous. I refused to wear a ridiculous, pointless mask. I traveled to Wellington with my two sons to protest against a dictatorship. That was a truly amazing experience, being soaked to the skin notwithstanding. Many fine Kiwis were prepared to fight a dictatorship the ‘American way' if necessary, rather than have a forced ‘vaccine'.

Meanwhile my sisters marriage disintegrated. She, like me, was a ‘conspiracy theorist' according to her husband. (Oh, how hilarious that the theories became reality). She was adamant that her 15yo twin girls were not going to have a mRNA injection. Their father was determined they would. He got them as far as the car park at the doctors surgery in Whitianga where a stand up argument ensued and the GP called the police. They were not injected. Since then the farm they owned has been split up, as they have; there is ongoing huge acrimony and she too has left NZ. She came across many couples in that area of the country who had also split over the same issues, along with those she knows who have had heart issues of a different kind! Baffling!!

I have lost count now of the number of people I either know personally or know of who have died, are dying or have been injured long term after accepting the filthy injection. Sudden unexplained death. Stroke. Complete hearing loss (recent studies confirm). Vision loss. An ongoing cough that so many seem to have and are curiously oblivious to. (My brother included: fit, healthy…and military endorsed injections he accepted. Sigh). Fatigue. Loss of balance. Dizziness. Brain fog. Fractures (what is with the ‘falls' that happened…hmmm. Early on in the propaganda campaign I knew three women with their wrists in plaster) and sprains, even a hip replacement that simply will not heal. (American friend: a year of suffering a sprained ankle? Seriously?). Asthma. Guillane-Barr. (My mother, despite all the information to the contrary as to why she should not go near the poison). Turbo cancers: Stage Four is the first indication many have that they have cancer. Latest I know of is a 42yo fit and healthy woman, went to private school with my daughter. ‘Oh, they are going to start treatment; it's in her liver, spreading to bones, but hey…'. Yes. Stage Four. Yet another needless death approaching. I know of precisely NO ONE who has died of ‘covid'.

And WHAT is the ONE common denominator?

Of course, it is the ‘safe and effective' thing that was KNOWN to be anything but!

Absolutely criminal.

I live in a non Western country now. One that so far has protected its sovereignty. I love NZ as a country. Nowhere else in the world like it. Breaks my heart to never live there again, but the fear of ever being stuck on a prison island again outweighs that feeling of anger and a certain helplessness. My boys are looking at Dubai to move to in time, if not Thailand. Anywhere but a crazy Western country that New Zealand so easily became…

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