David (60), Manager. Wellington, NZ.

My experiences during the pandemic can be summarized by the word violation. That is to say a violation of my human rights, and the violation of the human rights of many of my friends and family.

I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams what our government could do to its people – it can only be described as disgusting!

As a family, we are very focused on our health, by eating healthily, keeping away from unnecessary medicines and chemicals, and keeping active. This was all threatened by a totally unnecessary overreaction, the creation of extraordinary employment laws, and the use of state sponsored propaganda – the likes of which our generation has never seen before – and I hope will never see again.

It started with the censorship of many of the health professionals we have learned to respect as a family. Suddenly, they were taken offline, along with many others for sharing their opinion. Incidentally, they have been proven right with the benefit of hindsight and the evidence the data reveals.

It continued with the daily bombardment of distorted death numbers. I thought people would have woken up when an unfortunate shooting victim was added to the list of covid deaths – but alas, too many were sucked in by the government's propaganda machine.

It wasn't long before thousands of people lost their livelihoods because they didn't want to take the jab. My job, along with the jobs of family members and friends were threatened if they chose to refuse the jab. Many I know had to take it or face ruin – not much of a choice. Again – disgusting.

Personally, I had never been so terrified of the prospect of losing my job.

This was made even more intensive by the campaign against the un-jabbed. This was particularly nasty, by creating an us & them scenario. This should have been a personal choice; people should have respected the choice of others – instead it was more like a public kangaroo court against anyone who dared to question the narrative.

The media played a major role in the deception, and should be held accountable, along with the hundreds of public officials. There was and continues to be no balanced journalism. No discussion or debate, only one sided BS. Night after night on the 6 o'clock news was a giant artist's impression of the corona virus, all in colours designed to scare & frighten – this should not have been allowed. It was pure theatre.

Even the use of the word vaccine is false. It is not a vaccine; it is gene therapy. No wonder people are moving away from mainstream media. People have had enough of their lies.

Up until this whole unfortunate experience I had never taken part in any form of protest. But the magnitude of the government's actions made me compelled to protest. This was yet another disgusting chapter in the covid experience, and an example of what can only be described as utter arrogance by the politicians. Refusing to talk to the people is inexcusable. The actions or perhaps more correctly the inactions of our politicians caused even more division.

The real lessons of covid will be the dissection of the data, against the actions of the time. I fear this is only a pipe dream and this exercise will be yet another charade.

I hope you will prove me wrong.

1. Honor our human rights. DO NOT EVER enforce medical procedures on anyone. It should be my personal choice.

2. Enforce balance in journalism by allowing opposing views to be heard, and let the people make up their own minds.

3. Remove the ability of employers to enforce medical procedures. This is simply wrong for the overwhelming majority of situations.

4. Be open and honest about the data, and how our data compares to other countries. The “vaccine” was neither safe or effective and the data clearly shows that.

5. The mismanagement during the pandemic has now left our beautiful country on its knees. We are broke. This needs to be fully understood so we can avoid this massive hangover in the future.

6. Public figures need to be held accountable. Their actions have cost the livelihoods and lives of thousands. Their continuation of the narrative is criminal in my view.

7. I support the adoption of The People's Terms as set out at www.covidinquiry.co.nz to be the extended and full terms of reference for the inquiry.

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