Dave (79). Auckland, NZ.

I call on our National-led government to discard, in its entirety, the previous Labour government's terms of reference and appointments of the inquiry's leading personnel.

This inquiry MUST have a wide reaching terms of reference with the ability to examine any and all aspects of the NZ response to the covid-19 pandemic.

I expect and demand this inquiry review the vaccine efficacy, Pfizer provided information on expected side effects, the side effects actually experienced by the NZ population (including unexplained sudden death of anyone who received the vaccine).

I also demand the inquiry look into the part played in the vaccine rollout by Jacinda Ardern, Michael Baker, Chris Hipkins, Ashley Bloomfield, and any other member of the government who may have contributed to harms caused by the vaccine.

I expect the inquiry to report on the actual outcomes of the vaccine introduction and where harms are identified who were responsible.

If any crimes (against humanity) or any individuals are identified I expect and demand these findings to be passed to the police with a view to criminal charges being laid.

At the time of contracting covid I was an active 78 year old male in good health. Below is my medical covid experience.

Email to MH of Botany Doctor Medical Center, my GP, for him to update my medical records .


Subject Confidential – Covid Illness.

Date 2022-04-21 09:27

Hi Doctor,

I have contracted and recovered from covid, as many NZers have. I resisted the coercion to accept the mRNA gene therapy pushed so hard by our government.

I chose to use the early treatment protocol of Peter McCullough, I did not consult you as I know the government has banned such treatment being used by NZ doctors.

At the first suspicion of infection I did a rat test, that was +ve, so started the following:

5 x 3mg Ivermectin (ex India)

2 x 100mg Doxycycline

2000 mg Vitamin C

30mg Zinc Amino Acid

2000IU Vitamin D3

(per day for 7 days)

The protocol calls for steroids, antihistamine, and aspirin from day 8 onward but did not feel the necessity for this. I had access via video link to a group of Queensland doctors under threat of de-registration and 6 months in jail for promoting such treatment. I did not have to use this facility.

The only symptom I developed was a raspy voice, no mucus, sore throat, or runny nose. My O2 levels never went below 97% (my normal) and temperature never exceeded 37C. I continued my normal exercise program with no discomfort.

For the last 18 months I have used Vit C, Vit D, Zinc, and Quercetin daily.

I did not report my illness to the government.

I now hope to have a strong natural immunity to covid but I do have a request connected with O/S air travel.

I would like an antibody test and a vaccine exemption letter due to natural immunity. I am prepared to pay for the test should it not be covered by Medsafe. Maybe it could be added to my pending blood tests. I have held off doing these tests while I had covid.



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