Christine (78), Ex-Teacher, Retired. Auckland, NZ.

My Life is Stolen!

I speak for myself and those who cannot or won't speak up

All my life I worked hard, paid taxes, never took a handout from the government, looking forward to the time I could afford a holiday. When I retired, I so enjoyed my overseas trip. And then Covid struck!

OK I thought, I shall enjoy holidaying in New Zealand and see more of our beautiful country. Then we were locked down again!

I am never going to get this time of my life back. I feel like my best years are being stolen – stolen by a woman half my age with no worldly experience. Jacinda! You have robbed me! You are ordering me what to do. You have no right!

I protest! This is against my human rights!

I miss seeing my children and grandchildren, I miss playing bridge, I miss going to my favourite restaurant, I miss seeing my friends. These precious times have been stolen from me.

I know that the fearful sheeple in New Zealand will say: “It's for the good of all of us.” Well it is not for MY good.

I may die from Covid; I may die from cancer, from heart disease, from a stroke, from a car accident. I will definitely die from something!

I demand my freedom of choice back, to live with joy, to live or die as I wish.

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