Cher (54), Retired. Nelson, NZ.

I originally felt safe in NZ and thought the government was collecting data from around the world while we sat safely in our bubble so that they could make some informed choices about our people.

Things quickly shifted for me as law changes seemed to take place overnight and the govt started saying they were the “one source of truth”! I asked questions and got canceled everywhere I turned, rather than open dialog and discussion.

In early 2021, my neighbour's 25 year-old fit son was being sent out to sea with the NZ Navy and had to be vaccinated, within 48 hours of his 2nd jab he had a major coronary event resulting in having a heart transplant later that year. At first everyone, including the doctors, said it was the Covid jab. (I was hesitant to get the jab already as it didn't sit well knowing it was manufactured by a company who had been sued 21 times in the last 21 years.) Eventually everyone changed their tune and decided it must be something else that caused his heart failure but by now there were a staggering amount of coronary cases reported to the VAERS website in the USA and I became concerned NZ had been hoodwinked by Big Pharma.

I continued to follow my gut and study the Pfizer website in the USA and both Medsafe in NZ and VAERS as the NZ govt was closing in on all unvaccinated people.

Both my daughters fell pregnant in 2021 and Phizer in the USA recommended if you were pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding NOT to get the Covid Jab. I let my girls know and had to protect them from the public and even some of our own family members harassing them and telling them they were irresponsible. We were told we should die on more than one occasion by people who were traumatised by the media and government misinformation stating the jab would keep people from getting Covid and passing it on. I wrote to government officials letting them know the advice I had received from Pfizer and I was ignored.

I made submissions to government with regard to all kinds of proposed bills and law changes.

In mid 2021 I had left my place of employment before the mandates were enforced but unfortunately could not get a job anywhere I was qualified, due to the informed choice I made to not take the jab. One of my pregnant daughters and her partner were not able to keep their home as they were mandated out of their jobs so my husband and I took them and our grandkids in and lived with them for nearly 2 years. My other daughter was able to keep her home as her husband reluctantly took 2 jabs to keep his job and home, concerned about the Covid Response Act that basically said the government could take the home off a non vaccinated homeowner. This drove us to get our mortgage released by the bank. We never thought NZ would take away body autonomy as it was a violation of the Nuremberg Treaty.

We have now lost 5 family members to turbo cancers that surfaced after their 3rd or 4th jab all between the ages of 61-77. I am well, but many of those who were bullied or coerced into receiving the jab are continually getting Covid or suffering from one of the 1,200 side effects released by Pfizer (due to a court order as they wanted to keep this info buried for 75 years).

My daughter who kept her home is currently having to have private surgery due to the mistreatment she received while birthing her second daughter. She was told they would not be calling a surgeon for her even though her baby was stuck in the birth canal as she was not vaccinated. My daughter has just had private surgery which we were able to pay for only from inheritance from 2 of the above mentioned family members losing their lives to turbo cancer.

As you can see the response NZ had to Covid has many casualties, the amount of people I know who lost loved ones they were not allowed to see, the division of Kiwis by using fear tactics and the cancel culture have broken trust across the board for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Most don't trust the government, most don't trust the news BUT fortunately we are beginning to trust each other as we come together caring for the vaccine injured.

My advice for any future pandemics below…

Do NOT sign the WHO pandemic treaty. If NZ feels we need to, then run a referendum with plenty of unbiased public notice so we the people can make an informed choice.

Wait, look at the real picture overseas before trusting computer-generated modelling that is supplied by companies with a vested interest in whatever remedy they try and sell us!

Follow the money.

Look at all the people who sacrificed their careers and asked questions without anything to gain. Let's have a conversation and do real science where we test prove and then continue to test and prove as evidence continues to roll in.

Do not divide us, freedom to choose what goes in one's body is a human right that should never be breached.

Education on building immunity, remove tax from fruit & veg and instead tax sugar products. (Fizzy drink, lollies, biscuits).

Let people support their loved ones while dying or birthing or having surgery.

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