Charles (57), Education. Auckland, NZ.

My wife was a very fit woman attending dance classes / gym classes around 5 times a week. She was very healthy and very fit. Then she had her first Covid jab. After that she started getting attacks of palpitations for the first time in her life and what looked like anxiety / panic attacks. She consulted her Doctor and asked could it be jab-related. He answered that it wasn't and that she should get the second jab, which she did, reluctantly.

About 3 hours after getting the second jab, she started having severe breathing difficulties to the extent that she thought she was going to die. She also had very painful, stabbing chest pains, and would suddenly go really cold and then lose consciousness for up to a minute. She was completely debilitated by waves of these recurring symptoms for 46 days. She could only eat, sleep sometimes and try to manage the pain. She couldn't stand up for more than a few minutes without getting attacks of dizziness and basically I wheeled her around on an office chair from the bed to the toilet, from the toilet to the couch for over a month. The only things she could do for herself during this time were to eat the meals I made her, and take a shower and occasionally use a computer, watch TV or read – in between the waves of symptoms.

Twice during this time, when her breathing became so difficult that we feared for her life, I admitted her to the Emergency Room at North Shore hospital.

She was left waiting on both occasions, the wave of symptoms passed, the staff attended her and declared that they could find nothing wrong with her – then back at home the waves would come again. At one Dr's visit an ECG was done, the results of which were very concerning showing very elevated heart activity. But no answers or effective treatment were even suggested.

Anyway, eventually we found a Dr that was treating vaccine injury patients. He prescribed Ivermectin and her symptoms lessened considerably. She recovered slowly from this point and the attacks became less frequent and less severe. We learned to live with dizziness after meals, stabbing chest pains in he morning and attacks of the other symptoms returning now and then. When these become too bad / frequent, she has to go back on Ivermectin for a period until the symptoms settle down. She has been unwell, like this, since October 2021. The symptoms have also very negatively her mental health.

She is very angry that while she ‘did the right thing for team NZ', when she became ill, the NZ Health System basically abandoned her with no recognition or treatment plan for the illness she has been suffering from.

If her symptoms are not jab-related then it is an amazing coincidence that within a very short time (hours) after receiving jab#2, she went from being very fit and healthy to completely debilitated and unable to take care of herself for over a month and has had symptoms ever since then.

We are very disappointed that although she did what we were told was the right thing (i.e. getting vaccinated), she actually became very ill and then received no support / effective medical treatment from the public health system. She had to rely on a ‘renegade Doctor' who recognises vaccine injury as something real. Actually a MOH person rang us to tell us that the Dr we were sing wasn't vaccinated which seems a huge breach of privacy. She then rang back to say that sorry, actually he was, there was some mix up with his name.

We have spent thousands of dollars on her treatment – IV infusions, Ozone therapy, Ivermectin, expensive supplements and Dr's appointments. ACC didn't accept a claim we made – they don't acknowledge vaccine injury. The Dr at North Shore hospital actually got angry with us for using Ivermectin and rejected outright that her symptoms were vaccine related.

From a scientific method perspective, if someone's health changes dramatically for the worst and there was a medical intervention (a vaccine) that was the only difference to her lifestyle at the time of the health worsening, wouldn't Drs at least consider that the vaccine may have been the cause / contributed to the sudden, severe worsening of health. Her GP and the NSH doctors were adamant that it couldn't have been vaccine related, but they can't tell us what caused the change in my wife;s health condition so suddenly after having jab#2.

In summary, the COVID vaccine made my wife very sick indeed. There was then no recognition or treatment available to her from the public health system. We were left to fend for ourselves and luckily found a rare Dr who recognised and treated her for vaccine injury – but although she is much better than she was during those initial 46 days, she is still suffering from the same symptoms 2 and a bit years later. Both mental and physical health have been hugely negatively affected by both the effects of the jab and the inability to get recognition / treatment for her symptoms.

If there is another mass vaccine incident in future, please be aware that some people, even if it is only a small percentage, may get sick as a result of being vaccinated. Because of this, part of the national response must surely be to have a team / teams of medical specialists who acknowledge vaccine injury, and do all they can to treat those who suffer. They should build up their skill and experience in treating vaccine injury, what drugs do / don't work etc. and share this knowledge internationally.

From a communications perspective, it is better to publicise: ‘the vaccine is the answer to this pandemic. A small number of you may get sick but we have planned for this and you will receive the best possible care should this happen to you'

As opposed to: ‘The vaccine is safe and effective' because then when some people start getting sick, many people start to doubt the messaging being pushed on them by the govt. / media.

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