Catherine (60 yrs), Mum/Landlord. Auckland, NZ.

Mine is perhaps familiar to many where I saw immediately the staged events in so called Wuhan with people dropping to the ground and people running about in hazmat suits. I worked for Wellcome years ago and knew the tricks they used to make the market with diagnostics on HIV and in the same department giving the solution : AZT that in the end was the real killer for the so called AIDS epidemic in the 1990s . I knew from these farcical/staged events this was going to involve something on a bigger stage worldwide.

1st lockdown we had a German film director and his daughter staying in New Zealand where our bubble played out like the Truman show with Groundhog Day involving a sea of others walking on the waterfront in Auckland. But that was the end of the golden weather. As soon as the Emergency Use Authorisation came with the vaccines that had a military back drop or command centre at 1 pm that placed people under enormous pressure to inject an untested “vaccine” it became a different world. I never got sick until my friend and I used to walk away from the 5 days at the Wellington protest camp and would have aches and pains. We realised we were getting radiated with something on this location which appeared to come from the roof eve on the justice building. Many things happened at the protest : meeting well meaning articulate farmers, entrepreneurs, business owners, just normal people who were surprisingly healthy (not obese in general). The protest security was well organised and they were constantly having moles arrive doing weird and provocative things. Civvy police were everywhere. I was sick for 3 days after I returning to Auckland and this was my one and only time of what is known as Covid. Not so great for the father of my 18 and 21 yr old. With differences of opinion primarily on this issue: We split up for 15 months just before the second lockdown where he moved south once in lockdown in order to complete work given he would need to be out of Auckland's lockdown status to complete his film. He took 3 jabs and shook at night primarily through his legs on and off and still does but less as time has gone on.

I was unable to visit a large family, Christmas was off for 2021 and was given a very firm indication that I needed to join the team of 5 million in order to move freely in our family.

It was impossible to talk freely about this vaccine. The story was guided internationally with deliberate echo chambers: just 2 groups like Hollywood's cowboys and Indians as George bush JR once said – ” you're either for us or against us”.

My unvaccinated son was not allowed to visit friends, a friend's unvaccinated son was unable to ride back from a school venue because the parent didn't want him in the car and had to be picked up.

These are minor things but I wish to tell a story of my friend from Hawke's Bay who was heart injured from the second jab to keep his job. His daughter was ordering him over the phone to stop talking or having lunch with his “loser friend” (while he was next to him). Why? His friend an eye surgeon in Hawke's Bay had given his career up because he didn't want to have an untested vaccine. This trusting nurses father has a heart medication for the rest of his life because of the vaccine.

Making us stand at particular distances in a supermarket or big international conglomerates that we were only allowed to buy from told me all I needed to know about who was in charge of this operation. My family was ripped apart and we slowly have picked up the pieces. My sister had to visit my sister in Florida and was forced to have the vaccine for this travel. She has experienced a strange depression at times that she had never experienced and put it down to this vaccine. I've heard this many times. My American brother in law is on permanent heart pills from Florida when he had to take the AstraZeneca to come to New Zealand. His heart rate is not pumping in a regular way now. If he didn't have health insurance ($100,000 is tests/ diagnostics/ discovery) he said he would have died.

The mask madness was sheer hell. I couldn't breath on planes , had head aches and felt generally unhealthy while wearing. The PCR test was not at all accurate and realised when 74 yr old Kary Mullis died Aug 2019 and his insistence on not using his invention for diagnosis or diagnostics that it was a ruse particularly with his scathing opinion of Dr Fauci.

1st time in history to test heathy people and tell them they were sick through a test was insane. I thought the world had gone under some sort of hypnosis.

I still can't talk to people who have injured themselves where I can clearly see they have been in hospital unable to move with losing their balance / Ramseys Hunt disease a clear side effect on the phase 3 trial list of side effects. Sudden death syndrome is now like cot death something mysterious and we don't talk about it. I'll leave this never ending tragedy there as it's seems things will get worse if we don't stop kneeling at the feet of an unelected WHO.

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