Carolyn (58), Self Employed. Tasman, NZ.

I would like the inquiry to know that I suffered absolute devastation!

My sister, Cass (was a teacher), is dead because of the Governments mandates. Cass and her three colleagues and friends, Tracey, Richard and Joep were all killed in a horrific car accident when travelling home from Wellington to New Plymouth at 3.05pm Tuesday 9th November 2021 after attending the anti-mandate protest march to Parliament that day.

Do you know what it is like having to go tell your elderly parents that their youngest daughter was one of the people killed in that horrific car accident that they were watching on the TV news. We didn't find out til 8pm that night that our sister was dead.

Cass, was only 50. She'd lost her job, home, had to rehome her cat and was beyond devastated at losing her teaching job. She loved teaching and was an amazing teacher.

Cass had nowhere to go. She could no longer pay rent. To make matters worse her daughter, also a teacher, lost her job due to the mandates and faced losing her home also. AND my sister's youngest was still living at home, therefore, three of my family members suddenly had nowhere to go due to the government!!

So, my partner, Mark, and I took them in. They all had to up-end their entire lives and relocate down to Nelson. Sadly, my sister never made it! My two nieces had to live with me until they were “allowed” to go back to work. They were with me for a good 8 months. Can you imagine being 19 and 30, no father and now suddenly no mother who they were extremely close to. They literally lost everything!

The government caused horrific division in our country with their vile discriminating mandates and nonsensical ridiculous traffic light system which was designed to confuse and basically destroy our lives!

Below are my experiences from the government's actions …

• I wanted to curl up and die so I could go be with my sister. But, I felt I had to be strong for my nieces and my mum and dad.

• My nephew, Cass's son, was unable to come home to New Zealand to attend his own mums funeral/farewell gathering as he would not have been allowed to return back to Australia.

• I was ostracised from my office for non-compliance (not getting injected) and was forced to work from home. But, I guess I should be grateful that I never lost my job, at that time anyway!.

• My partner was facing being prohibited from building sites (he has his own drainlaying business), again for not getting injected. Thank God most tradies in Nelson / Tasman threatened to down tools. This forced the housing companies to back track on their nonsensical decision to mandate.

• I was prohibited from my Vet clinic so was unable to get my dog's annual vaccinations done nor if she had needed urgent treatment I was not allowed inside.

• I was prohibited from cafes and restaurants and was not allowed to attend my colleague of 18 years farewell lunch when she retired.

• I was not allowed a haircut.

• I was kicked out of shops even after showing my ‘Star of David' aka mask exemption.

• I was banned from Council community services and amenities AND when I asked for a rebate or refund for the community services portion of my rates (for the period I was prohibited from) Tasman District Council threatened me! They threatened to sell my house out from under me to recoup any short-paid rates.

• I lost my sister in-law due to her buying into the governments fear mongering. I had just lost Cass then 2 weeks later my sister in-law “had to protect her grandson” so ostracised her brother and me. She has reached out once since December 21. We no longer see each other and were once the best of friends.

• My brother was diagnosed with Dementia at the age of 58 post jab 2!!! He was the only one of my immediate family who took the jab “to get a job”, so was coerced!! Now I am losing another family member.

• I am so sad with what this jab has done and have other family now very sick from it and I have met many people vaccine injured. I know of so many who have “died suddenly” or now so sick they cannot work, nor get ACC. A friends dad died from blood clots post jab. My friend died from turbo cancer last year after having her heart issues flare up post first jab 1 then was ignored by her doctor when she complained with other symptoms post jab 2 – those symptoms were cancer that very quickly riddled her body then took her life!.

• The lockdowns nearly destroyed my relationship with my partner and my parents (they were living with us at the time!). What absolutely staggers me is that the Government closed down the entire country on one case yet today in 2023 and now 2024 apparently Covid is rampant in the community and we can all roam around freely all touching the fruit and vege at the supermarket, mingle at the pub, cafes and restaurants, go to the movies, weddings, funerals and other public functions, BUT no one seems to care anymore.

• I am absolutely horrified that the government refused to look at the vaccine injuries that were happening overseas long before enforcing it into as many kiwi's arms as possible. Evidence and facts were being presented to the government months before the roll out, yet they chose to ignore that. Instead, they gas lite, fired, shamed and called those presenting the data, facts and evidence conspiracy theorists. These were credible, experienced and qualified Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Epidemiologists, Virologists, etc who'd actually done their critical thinking and research.

• Even today I am so sad that the Government continue to allow boosters and new covid vaccines and continue to put the fear into the elderly and anyone who believes their tele and continue to push vaccines even though it is killing and severely injuring people. That to me is the most disturbing and I equate that to murder. I have sighted an OIA showing how much the vaccinators get paid per injection and how much many doctors and pharmacies have made. That is beyond evil! AND, since when do people EVER need to be coerced and bribed with grocery vouchers, KFC, Cash, Vaxathons, Jabbathons and many more enticements, to take a vaccine … how utterly preposterous!

• I am disgusted with the government for not releasing the Pfizer document showing the pages and pages of potential adverse reactions. And, further choosing to ignore the CEO of Pfizer when she said that they did not know their vaccine would prevent transmission yet the Government continued to enforce the mandates (the whole premise of the mandates … transmission!!).

My partner and I no longer watch TV news as we find it very triggering. The propaganda continues to this day! What is most disgusting from the government is that they are not acknowledging vaccine death or injury. They carry on like nothing has happened … but the elephant in the room is ignored!

Never in my lifetime did I think the government would be responsible for the death of my sister, never did I think they would divide my once awesome country. No wonder so many are leaving New Zealand especially our young.

I will never trust the government again no matter who's in! There is so much corruption and we need to completely sever all ties with WEF, WHO and the UN. Until that happens New Zealand is in danger of our way of life being completely destroyed.

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