Briar, Wellington, NZ.

There was enough evidence in 2020 to show that the NZ covid response was excessive and unwarranted. Reasons detailed in my submission (1) to repeal the Covid19 Act in August 2020 remain valid today. Effectively, there was no pandemic, and no excess deaths recorded in 2020 worldwide.The fatality rate was similar to seasonal flu.

Excess deaths now seen worldwide are post the experimental covid injectable rollout. This not only brings into question the lack of efficacy (2), but also the safety of the injectable products that have caused mass death and injury around the world.

Multiple experts and organisations (3) have called to stop the mRNA injectables. Joseph Ladapo (4) Surgeon General of Florida (population 22 million), states evidence of excessive DNA contamination found in the vials demands an urgent recall. Brevard County Republicans voted in favour of making the Covid-19 vaccines illegal in the state of Florida, calling it a ‘bio weapon'(5).

The evidence simply can no longer be ignored.

Who knew what when?

The PCR test used to identify any viral covid disease was not fit for purpose. Inventor and Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis (6) said this of the test before his (sudden) death in August 2019. Cycles over 35 which were being run in NZ resulted in 90% false positives.

Why did New Zealand and other countries import (7) large quantities of ‘covid 19' PCR tests between 2017- 2021?

Why did Richie Sunak the UK PM invest heavily in the relatively unknown Moderna company (8) resulting in mega profits during the covid era? Was it good luck? Or good planning?

Bill Gates cheerfully announced a 20:1 vaccine profit from his fortunate investment.(9)

Why did the Gates foundation funded Event 201(10) look like a blueprint for the 2020 covid response?

Why did countries drop their preparedness plans and change direction to follow WHO directives based on China's severe response?

Why are the Pfizer contracts so heavily redacted?. The Ottawa Pfizer contract (11) shows they accepted unknown ‘efficacy' of COVID vaccines, did the NZ Govt accept the same? The New Zealand public has a right to know what our elected representatives signed us up for.

How could Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other officials say the covid injectables were safe and effective (12) when there was no long term study to base those assumptions on?

What was the relationship between the NZ Govt and the Gates Foundation ? (13)

What are the conflicts of interest between New Zealand officials and corporations such as the WHO and the WEF who promoted covid 19 protocols?

Covid19 saw the biggest transfer of wealth (14) in human history.

Inhumane practices around the world saw people dying and birthing alone. Old people isolated and confused, and children terrified of a disease we knew had a fatality rate similar to seasonal flu. People were told not to talk to their neighbours. People were mandated out of jobs. Businesses irreparably damaged by forced closures. People were physically attacked for not wearing masks, some severely injured in the name of health. I have their names, and the list of their injuries. The population became reminiscent of Nazi Germany when 2 classes of people were seen to be acceptable and encouraged, by our Nation's leader Jacinda Ardern.

The UK NHS Nudge team (15) openly admit to using fear as a tool to promote vaccine uptake. Excessive control of people's movement meant severe restrictions on unvaccinated, and later vaccinated populations through the traffic light system.

Why were NZ doctors penalised and restricted from using early treatment protocols for their unwell patients?. In some countries DNR orders were placed without consent.

Why were covid deaths counted even when people died from gunshot (16) wounds?

Why were people classified as being unvaccinated (17) until 14 days post injection, when most severe injuries recorded occurred between days 1-3?

Why did the NZ Govt ignore countless letters and recommendations put forward from professionals and experts such as the Covid Plan B team? And NZDSOS? and the thousands who attended parliament grounds for the democratic right to protest?

Why were some world leaders assassinated (18) after making a stand against covid protocols?

Why did leader of the WEF Klaus Schwab say half of the Canadian government (19) were with his organisation? Klaus Scwab is unelected, as are the members of the WHO, all of whom are tax exempt and unaccountable to Nation States. Why do NZ politicians refuse to acknowledge their association with the WEF when Jacinda Ardern was a WEF Young Global Leader?, as were many other current world leaders. Why did Klaus Schwab say no one will be safe until everyone is vaccinated? (20) Why did he say Covid 19 provided an opportunity to ‘Reset' (21) and ‘Re-imagine' the world?

There is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed, as reported (22) and evidenced by retired Policeman Mark Sexton and his group of international expert witnesses.

It would be foolish for any New Zealand Inquiry to ignore the statements and good work from the following investigations and authorities. We don't need another whitewash. Much of the hard work has already been done.

*Top former senior advisor to the World Health Organisation and the White House Dr Paul Alexander states “Covid was a PCR manufactured fake non pandemic” (23)

*US Senator Ron Johnson Round Table Inquiry – “What are they hiding” (24)

*AU Senator Malcolm Roberts terms of reference for the Royal Commission. (25)

*UK MP Andrew Bridgen 4th Dec Expert Inquiry (26)

*Scott W. Atlas, Steve H. Hanke, Philip G. Kerpen, and Casey B. Mulligan Covid Lessons Learnt. (2)

*The Canadian Citizens Inquiry (28)

I state here again, there was no pandemic. There was no need to lock people down, destroy our economy or deny basic human rights. The Government should be working for the people of New Zealand, not Global Corporations. I enclose full references to my story above. I intend to send a copy of my report to all current MPs. Our elected representatives can no longer ignore New Zealanders.


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