Antony (33), Videographer / Audio Editor. Auckland, NZ.

I had spent a lot of time, effort and expense growing a self-employed videography business. This came to a complete halt when lockdowns stopped all events. I found myself having to go into factory work at a local food packing business alongside commercial airline pilots, taxi drivers and many others whose lives were turned upside down because of government actions. My videography business was put on hold and instead resorted to putting that skill and equipment into volunteering to the team at The Freedoms & Rights Coalition, livestreaming the protests pretty much every weekend. One of these was so good that even the Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson was caught “Liking” our videos ( )

I find it preposterous that even though this group organised well over 150 peaceful protests, and didn't have any violent incidents, some of those charged with organising them are still awaiting trial and possible prison time. This is a major breach of the Bill of Rights Acts regarding freedom of movement, speech and the right to protest.

As a result of government actions, those thousands of us who did not trust the “One source of truth”, or had previously had experience with vaccine injuries, or purely just saw the “answer” as a rushed, untried, untested forced medical procedure, were targeting by relentless bashing via government and media. We were betrayed by the woman who said she would be a Prime Minister for ALL New Zealanders on her election in 2017. As abuse was stirred up (Encouraged by PM and Media Fear Porn), we unvaccinated were banned from events, venues, family, etc. This was increased with the rollout of mandates after promises not to, and the push for “2 shots for summer”.

Our churches were shut down at the point where they were most needed for pastoral care and support to those who needed while fear was being pushed everywhere else. I needn't say much more on that other than it was disgusting that pastors were having calls from the PMs office to get them onside with the government narrative, while letting brothels and strip clubs open before churches….. then to be pushing segregation in the churches.

Due to circumstances partially mentioned above, my stepfather, brother and I found ourselves in factory work at a local food packing business just to get by.

When the mandates rolled out, our mum was coming up to her 10 year anniversary in elderly care with a company. She was told, “Happy Anniversary here's a small Pak'n'Save voucher and YOU ARE FIRED”.

When the company the rest of us were working for started the mandates process, that started extreme stress for all of us. The landlord of our home had sold and we had to be applying for rentals while we were all facing being unemployed at once! (We were by far not the only family in this position thanks to government cruelty).

This created much stress, which affected health.

I fought with the company, while they claimed government obligations, and they eventually added in fine print exemptions for those who have had previous vaccine injury. This meant my stepfather could stay, and my brother eventually managed to get approved on the eve of being fired. I, however, was FIRED. I received my termination letter after the 4 weeks of suspension (with pay) that I spent mostly on parliament lawn. I was still fighting, and with the help of Voices For Freedom and an awesome advocate they provided, we managed to put the company in checkmate with two legal questions in regards to the legislations. This turned the “YOU ARE FIRED” letter I already had in my possession, into the company completely throwing out the mandates. (They did however enforce daily RAT testing of ONLY the unvaccinated but that was also dealt with in due course).

I was fortunate to get the help to fight such measures, but many thousands weren't. I have seen so many people who were previously healthy have a huge downturn in health, strokes, heart attacks, cancers, etc since they were essentially pushed into having shots. (This is especially ironic in the most sadistic way, when ACC have ads airing with the “If you get hurt, who gets harmed” messaging! – But not about vaccines.) Most are not even looked at by ACC let alone covered if they fight tooth and nail for it!)

The whole approach was wrong, but mostly mandates, and then throwing aside those who complied and were injured. The regular protests of thousands and then at parliament, was against the mandates and separation. They were to stop the division and move on as one people, yet now, more than that needs to happen. Not one MP came out to speak with the people. We need redress, compensation to be paid to those who now suffer, proper acknowledgement that what was done was terribly wrong, and those who made those decisions to be held accountable. We need a full comprehensive inquiry as per outlined in The People's Terms.

In conclusion, I would also like to say that I was at every Auckland Protest and every other one that I could get to, especially the Wellington and Parliament ones. From October 2nd, right through, we were treated like criminals for exercising our rights to protest. The voices who stood up were being demonised by media (while they were being paid to stay in business from our taxpayers money paying for hit piece after hit piece), and facing arrests, prison time, police investigations etc. I am proud to stand with those groups who spoke up, the likes of The Freedom and Rights Coalition, and also Voices For Freedom. I am proud to have had a change of course in the corporate media direction and now contract to Reality Check Radio while the original media outlets I had been on a path to way back when, drop like flies. I guess, in the words (Slightly changed) of Ricky Baker (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), “I didn't choose the freedom life, the freedom life found me!”

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