Amy (62), Home Makere. Wellington, NZ.

Background: I am aware that I am more allergic than people generally to many chemicals such as bleach, solvents, insecticides, laundry detergents, perfumes, garden plants and flowers. As long as I avoid contact with these I am alright.

Allergic reactions to vaccines is also an issue as instanced by the flu shot I had in 2020. Although I had doubts about having the Covid-19 injections, I was persuaded to have the first “jab” because of the government's assertions that it was totally safe and we all had a duty to protect ourselves and others against the Covid-19 virus which was spreading throughout the country at the time.

Adverse Reactions to Covid-19 Injection: I received the first and only dose of Pfizer in my left arm on 1 Sept, 2021 at Hutt Valley Covid-19 Community Vaccination Centre located at 218 High Street, Hutt Central. Within 6 hours of my vaccination, I began to experience headache, injection site swelling and pain, chills and low grade fever. The following morning, I developed flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea, and loss of energy and high level of anxiety, followed by chest discomfort and heart palpitation which lasted for five months. A few weeks later, my joint stiffness and pain got a lot worse especially due to the severe pain in my left hip and knee which I never experienced before. Shortly afterwards, I developed vascular disorders in both my legs and hands. Spider veins suddenly appeared on both of my legs and the blood vessels of my fingers ruptured for no obvious reason.

My Experience with Medical Doctors: When I went to see my GP concerning the adverse reactions to Covid-19 jab, she dismissed me by saying that all my symptoms were due to my anxiety because I was reading too much information on the internet. However, later on she did refer me to a vascular surgeon. Unfortunately he too dismissed me. Not only did he deny my vascular issues was linked to Covid 19 vaccine even though I had no pre-existing condition or family history of this nature, but he even made a false claim on his report to my GP documenting a full upper and lower limb pulses which in fact did NOT take place at all. Subsequently, I made a complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner, but unfortunately they quickly closed my complaints without a proper investigation. They also deliberately dismissed a piece of important evidence I supplied to them in order to protect the doctor for obvious reasons.

Current Symptoms and Their Effects on Me: I am still suffering from chronic fatigue from the jab. I don't have the energy to manage my day successfully. For example, if I have to drive myself to the doctor's appointment and then go to the local pharmacy to get my medications afterwards, I feel very drained when I get home. I simply would not have any more energy left to cook a meal. I would have to rest for the remainder of the day and evening.

I am still suffering from vascular disorders/spider veins. I have muscle cramps, pain and heavy feeling in my legs especially after sitting or standing for a while. Muscles in my legs feel tired and achy after physical activity. My digital vessel rupture affects both my left and right hand and it causes a significant amount of pain to my fingers. As a result of that, I have great difficulty to hold a spoon, knife, and fork or to carry a grocery bag of food, open a jar or sweep the floor etc.

I constantly worry that if my vascular disorder is left untreated, it will get worse over time, and I may suffer from a life threatening event such as a stroke later on which could leave me paralysed for life. I don't want to live if I cannot take care of myself any longer.

Other Matters Relating to Covid 19 Policies: The lockdowns made me feel very lonely and afraid. Being locked in my home alone and not being able to see my loved ones has worsened my mental health.

Traffic light system was absolutely not justified. I was not allowed to go to the rate payer funded council properties for any social events/activities with my friends or social group just because I had not been vaccinated enough! This is discrimination against me!

The previous government has established a two tier society. I have lost some of my friends due to disagreement on the government's Covid 19 policies.

Informed consent is paramount in any democratic society. Coercion and mandates belong to the communist region.

Lessons to be learned: A true independent inquiry must be set up in order to assess what actually happened during the Covid 19 pandemic and its long term effects on New Zealand people and businesses. The previous government hugely abused the Emergency Power they had during the pandemic. Most important for this inquiry is to prevent history from repeating itself in the future pandemic. It is crucial for vaccine harm to be included in the inquiry.

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