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RCR Is Off AirWatch Full Story…

RCR Is Off AirWatch Full Story…

Help RCR Get Back On The Air

Help RCR Get Back On The Air

Want To Be In The RCR Donor Club?
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Want To Be In The RCR Donor Club?

Have Other Ways You Can Help?

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The Donor Club is for you if you believe in RCR’s mission, want to see change in our nation, and are in a position to make a sizeable donation to help RCR become a force to be reckoned with!

Yes. We have a tiered program that affords members exclusive perks based on the amount donated. See Donor Club Perks.
Yes. If you are an RCR Foundation Club Member, you can still access your account here or via the log-in link at the bottom of this page.

We are confident RCR will be able to return to the airwaves in some form at some point. The bigger questions are “when” RCR will be back on air, “what” that might look like, and for “how long”… The answers to those questions will depend entirely on the level of support from you and the rest of RCR’s loyal listeners.

We are confident RCR will be able to return to the air at some point in a format and duration proportional to the level of financial support received. If the support is significant, RCR could be back on air for a long time. However, if it is lacking, New Zealand’s only voice of reason will only be able to return for a short while.

What RCR really needs is an ongoing commitment of support from you, the listener (whatever your willingness and means will allow). One-time donations are great, and we value every dollar, every last cent is always put to good use. However, the committed monthly donations are the ones that really enable us to budget, forecast, and plan for the growth that needs to happen.

So please take a moment to imagine what life will be like in one, two, or three years' time without the only honest media outlet in NZ calling it like it is and challenging politicians and the globalist agenda. Even if you’re only an occasional listener, our mission to keep those in power accountable and honest affects you, and the future you, more than you may realise.

If you are willing and able, please consider making your donation a recurring commitment. We, along with your “future self”, will be grateful you did.

RCR runs an extremely tight ship. Unlike the bloated legacy media outlets that waste hundreds of millions of dollars every year producing sugary propaganda, all RCR donations are stretched to the nth degree to make use of every last cent.

For perspective, RCR has punched well above its weight in terms of influence on a tiny fraction of the funding received by legacy media outlets. This is a testament to the skill, wisdom, and resourcefulness of the team behind RCR.

However, even with all the savvy in the world there is no avoiding the hard costs that still need to be paid (just like every other business). Things like technical infrastructure, studio costs, wages, IT systems, legal, marketing, and advertising just to name a few. Boring as they may sound, these everyday things fuel the fires of change, and so this is where all financial resources will continue to be utilised.

Yes, we have incorporated strategic advertising and sponsorship into our revenue model.

However, the bedrock of our mid to long-term term financials is the membership subscription payments (monthly and yearly recurring revenue) from our Foundation Membership Club and donations. In addition we’re working on a new partnership program, expanded merchandise sales and other exciting and innovative funding initiatives.

It is important to note that traditional advertising typical of legacy media is a failing model as evidenced by the recent closure announcements from Newshub and TVNZ.

We have met with a number of advertising executives for advice on advertising programs. The unanimous recommendation has consistently been that in the current market a conventional advertising strategy for RCR wouldn’t yield the revenue required, and also could invite encumbrances that would hinder RCR’s objectives.

In our first year of operations, we self-funded over 35% of our costs (a combination of revenue from subscription memberships, merchandise sales, and ad hoc fundraising events). The remaining 65% came in via larger VIP donors.

We have a pathway to becoming 100% self-sustaining within the next three years, but like most start-ups, right now, we need some significant ‘bridging' funding support.

Yes, we accept crypto donations. We have Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero wallets. To make a crypto donation, please contact us via the form on this page for further details.

To be New Zealand’s go-to forum for news, balanced, rational discussion on the issues that matter, open-minded debate and objective analysis.

To be pivotal in shifting national discussion to critical subjects and holding politicians and decision-makers to account.

To be a defence mechanism against tyranny for this generation and future generations to come.