Perigo's Perspective: Would You Go To Jail For Your Convictions?

“Hoping for the library, obviously, but I think I would do OK in the kitchen. Laundry might be a problem. I have a tendency to shrink stuff and turn it pink accidentally.”

That's Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling's reaction to being informed that a future UK Labour Government might jail her for two years for a hate crime. 

Labour is threatening to upgrade “misgendering” — already a hate crime in Britonistan — to an “aggravated offence”, meaning a jail term of up to 2 years.

JK says she'd be willing to do prison time if denying reality were the alternative. The reality being that men are men and women are women. 2 + 2 = 4,  the proposition that got Winston Smith into so much bother in 1984.

“Hoping for the library, obviously, but I think I would do OK in the kitchen. Laundry might be a problem. I have a tendency to shrink stuff and turn it pink accidentally.” She was referring to a propensity to mix red socks with white sheets.

Rowling posted a photo from the UK's Ministry of Justice that read “Repeat After Us: Trans Women Are Women.”

“No,” Rowling wrote on X.

A user replied, “Vote Labour, get a two-year stretch!”

“I'll happily do two years,” Rowling responded, “if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex. Bring on the court case, I say. It'll be more fun than I've ever had on a red carpet.”

Rowling had already, in June of this year, defended Elon Musk's decision to classify “cisgender” as a slur on his platform.

“‘Cis' is ideological language, signifying belief in the unfalsifiable concept of gender identity. You have a perfect right to believe in unprovable essences that may or may not match the sexed body, but the rest of us have a right to disagree, and to refuse to adopt your jargon,” she exxed.

 “Exactly,” said Musk.

Look out, Elon. The Injustice Department of Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard will be coming after you. Oh wait it already is!

Now I quote from a Christian website, LifeSite News:

A Swiss writer and polemicist has been sentenced to 60 days in prison for calling a journalist a “fat lesbian.” The ruling was applauded by LGBT activist groups.

The Vaud Cantonal Court found the French-Swiss author Alain Soral guilty of discrimination and incitement to hatred. 

In 2021, Soral called journalist Catherine Macherel a “fat lesbian” and a “queer activist” in a Facebook video. He also suggested that being “queer” is synonymous with being disturbed or dysfunctional. Macherel filed a criminal complaint against Soral in September 2021. In April 2023, the public prosecutor’s office sentenced him to three months in prison for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The author appealed against this order.  

The police court subsequently sentenced him to a fine of 30 daily fines of 50 francs. The Vaudois public prosecutor’s office, which had demanded a prison sentence of three months, took the case to the next instance, where he has now been sentenced to 60 days in prison.

The verdict was made possible by a “hate speech” law approved by Swiss voters in 2020, which criminalizes “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”

Let that be a lesson to those naïfs who place their faith in referenda. Let them remember the popularity at the time of Adolf and Ardern.

Now, I have been called an overweight homo in my time. I did not seek the imprisonment of the person who called me that, nor a law to criminalise her, and not only because on both counts the statement was true. It was her inalienable right to call me that.

What I don't get is how those who would jail someone for “fat lesbian” are perfectly OK with the full-blown anti-Semitism now breaking out all over the world in the wake of the Hamas savages' attack on Israel, which anti-Semitism is not just an expression of opinion but an outright incitement to violence. Just listen to these savages in Sydney, Australia.

In case you couldn't make out the words, they were, “Gas the Jews!”

The savages also chanted Shame Israel and Shame Australia. They're living in Australia and abusing the right to freedom of speech and association Australia affords. If the savages don't like it there, why don't they self-deport to Iran?

Or what about this creature, Cornell University history professor Russell Rickford, saying how “exhilarated” he was by the rape, torture, beheading and incineration of Israelis by Hamas on October 7:

Eighty-one years ago, the world lost a truly great tenor to anti-Semitism. Joseph Schmidt, a Jew, banned from performing in Germany by the Nazis, was trying to make his way back to America, but was interred in a camp by the “neutral” Swiss, the poster country of referenda. He was forced to dig ditches, and died after two heart attacks, at the age of 38. On his gravestone is the title of one of his most popular songs, Ein Stern Fallt.

Evil Hamas and all their apologists and down-players are impervious to beauty such as this … nay, they hate it … because they are moral monsters and deformities. Stars that fall from heaven are rapidly called back. There is no place for them here in a world that criminalises beauty and truth.

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Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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