PERIGO'S PERSPECTIVE: Wokianity at Easter!

Preliminary chat with Paul, then:

Apparently it's been customary for things to get a bit theatrical every once in a while at this time, for the last 2000 years. A season of spectacle, heroism most edifying and gratifying, villainy and treason most foul, mass hysteria, howling mobs, blood lust and even the occasional crucifixion.

This week, Islamo-terrorists have leered up again, this time in Moscow, recruited by ISIS, Barack Hussein Obama's JV team, which is sending other recruits across America's southern border as we speak. 

Don't say that's paranoia on my part; FBI Director Christopher Wray has just told us it is so, and if someone as treasonous as that rodent is admitting it's happening, it assuredly is. Chinese communists are flooding across the border too. That's Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard enabling what he's being bribed to enable. Hunter Biden's former business partner Tony Bobulinski testified to Congress about that this week.

Beijing Biden, Bobulinski confirmed, was indeed the “Big Guy” of the infamous memo, the designated recipient of 10% of any loot snagged by Hunter.

Woke-Fascist, dumb-as-a-rock, fry-quacking airhead bimbo Occasional Cortex wasn't having any of it.

The only thing more tawdry than trash like Occasional Cortex are the garbage voters who put her there.

As they indeed put other trash there, such as Fanny Syphilis, Arthur Engonorrhea and Les Tits James, especially when they campaign on an utterly unconstitutional Stalinist platform of persecuting and destroying political opponents. Here's Les Tits campaigning for New York District Attorney in 2019, when President Orange was still in wondrous office.

“Show me the man and I'll find the crime” was of course the boast of Stalin's Secret Police Chief, Beria in the midst of the show trials of the 1930s. 

Orange Man Bad's former campaign rival and now fervent supporter and possible running mate, Vivek Ramaswamy, called it out.

So, they thought they were about to crucify him, for the blasphemy of success. For his soaring towers, his razzle-dazzle, his glitz and glamour, his heresy, his humour, his middle finger to their filthy swamp. Les Tits ejaculated publicly — truly an unspeakable spectacle, worthy of a half billion dollar fine — at the prospect of padlocking Trump Tower and confiscating it. The hideous harridan. The Great Glob of Grunge. Another brick port-a-loo, whose face is her chaperone. 

But the swampy courts blinked. An unconscionable $500 million fine for no crime became a still-unconscionable $175 million for no crime, leaving Orange the Magnificent free to appeal, and his properties unconfiscated. And the swamp-creatures should blink. At least one person actually hung up on a cross is reputed to have staged a miraculous recovery, a spectacular comeback.

Then what would happen, if history were to repeat itself, to the Woke plan to close down civilisation lest the planet should mortally combust?

On that matter, the vacuousness of the Swamp's useful idiots was on painful display this week when Olympic skateboarder Gus Schumacher appeared before a Senate committee to warn, as Occasional Cortex likes to, of the planet's imminent demise. It didn't go well. Here's Senator John Kennedy.  

I hope Senator Kennedy doesn't suffer the fate of an earlier John Kennedy who triggered the Swamp!

And Gus … well, unlike Les Tits and Fanny Syphilis, he is redeemed by astonishing handsomeness.  But he should pay heed to the words of another snow-lover, Alex Epstein, author of Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal and Natural Gas, Not Less:

“Some of my favorite moments are spent alone in nature. Snowboarding at the end of the day when I am the only one I can see on the mountain. Walking over lava on the big island of Hawai'i. Standing under secluded waterfalls in the Grand Canyon. 

“Where I differ from other ‘people of nature' is that I don't think of fossil fuels as opposed to these experiences. I recognise that the availability of these experiences that exists today is totally dependent on fossil-fueled machine labour and freed-up time. … Fossil fuels make our world unnaturally, amazingly, increasingly livable. … Without fossil fuels or their equal, the livability of today's world will collapse, causing apocalyptic levels of suffering and death.”

Thank goodness in our country the new Government has lifted the ban on oil and gas exploration and is looking to re-open Marsden Point. Which reminds me: To Shane Jones, the Perigo's Perspective Freedom Award.

Overall, at this seminal time, looking back on another, I would urge upon the Woke-Fascists some self-awareness.  It helps that even Dem-Scum are getting sick of it. Veteran strategist James Carville has just told the New York Times — who are as cretinously Woke as OUR fake media, yet published his comments anyway — “A suspicion of mine is that there are too many preachy females … ‘Don’t drink beer, don’t watch football, don’t eat hamburgers, this is not good for you’ … The message is too feminine: ‘Everything you’re doing is destroying the planet. You’ve got to eat your peas.'”

It doesn't help, though, that the Christian churches have abandoned the Cross and embraced this diabolical Religion of Woke. The Christian churches no longer believe for a second that Jesus rose from the dead. 

Neither, I hasten to add, do I, but I don't go through the motions of pretending to. I disbelieve, openly, and do so in the name of reason and evidence, not in the name of a new, worse, sillier religion. I disbelieve because my reason applied to the evidence tells me that death for me closes all. There's nothing else. No after-life. An individual's life is a finite period of consciousness between two infinite periods of oblivion; all the more reason to make the most of it! 

That said, I'd take honest Christianity, if it still existed, over Wokianity any day. Wokianity is hypocrisy in clerical drag. Wokianity is Christian clergy simpering on not about individual sin and redemption but social oppression and injustice, by which they mean imaginary racism, sexism, transphobia and all the rest of their fashionable hobgoblins. 

Wokianity is a preachy female, Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, an Anglican archdeacon tweeting, “Let’s have anti whiteness, and let’s smash the patriarchy.” I can't wait to see what gender-neutral atrocity Wokianity will come up with to replace “Our Father.” I know they're working on it.

Christianity's Hell is no threat; it doesn't exist. Wokianity's Hell is real, here, now, with its bigotry, its temper tantrums and riots and lootings and arsons and killings, its Inquisitions, its crucifixions-by-doxxing-and-cancellation, its wilful smug mindlessness … and, yes, its unendurable females, finger-wagging, scolding, quacking, squawking and screeching. That Hell is real and it's here!

By contrast, let us not forget, this weekend of all weekends, authentic Christianity inspired some of the most miraculous, Heavenly music EVER! May we have that Christianity back?

Happy Easter!

Hallelujah Chorus

Handel: Messiah, HWV 56, Pt. 2, Scene 7: Chorus. “Hallelujah”

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