Perigo’s Perspective: The Young Voters’ Debate And The Second USA Republican Presidential Candidate Debate

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I have referred in the past to Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard, meaning the current alleged President of the United States.

 More and more is coming out about the sleazy doings of the Biden Crime Family and the bribes it has funnelled into shell companies, and an impeachment inquiry has begun. 

But no thanks to the crooked Attorney-General Merrick Garland. This slimy swamp creature is the personification of evasiveness, smugness and evil. He has Stalinised the Department of  Justice and the FBI to the point where there will be show trials of Donald Trump, but no trials for Joe Biden; where traditional Catholics who prefer their Masses in Latin are pursued as domestic terrorists; where real domestic terrorists such as Only Black Lives Matter and Profa are allowed to get away with murder, literally, while patriots  who didn't even go into the Capitol Building on January 6 are rotting in jail; where the FBI colludes with Big Tech to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story … and much more.

 It's only because of the tenacity of certain House Republicans on certain Committees, and the courage of FBI and IRS whistle-blowers, that the whole sordid picture is being illuminated. 

One of these is the House Judiciary Committee which is investigating the Stalinisation – they call it weaponisation and politicisation – of the FBI and DOJ. 

Garland the Ghoul was summoned to appear before them last week, where he was subjected to fierce but frustrated interrogation – frustrated because each congressman gets only 5 minutes to ask his or her questions and Garland is supremely skilled at ducking and dodging and flat-out lying under a cloak of sanctimony. Here is Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, one of the heroes of the de-Stalinisation campaign.

So, Beijing Biden is doing the bidding of the Chinese, including admitting untold numbers of Chinese among the millions flooding the now-non-existent Southern border … and Merrick Garland is doing the bidding of Beijing Biden. Biden let slip, before all the Trump indictments were announced that he was taking steps to ensure that Trump would be legally blocked from running. 

In case you couldn't make out his words:

“We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power if he does run. I'm making sure he, uh, under legitimate efforts of our constitution does not become the next president again.”


This afternoon there will be the 2nd Republican presidential debate. The inevitable nominee, assuming the nefarious Biden/Garland schemes to derail him don't succeed, will not be there. Orange Man Bad is waiting for the flotsam and jetsam to float off. 

I hope, even though they're competing with him, those who are there will be fierce in their denunciation of the Biden/Garland Stalinisation of America. The very feel of freedom, and the right to speak one's mind out, are at stake.

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Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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    Richard McGrath October 4, 2023 at 7:04 pm - Reply

    Thank goodness the Republicans stalled Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court until Obama's second term had expired.

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