PERIGO'S PERSPECTIVE: The Perverse Paradox Of Our Time, The Titans Are Pygmies

Preliminary discussion with Paul Brennan about Newshub's demise, then:

It is a perverse paradox of our time, neither gratifying nor edifying, that titans are pygmies, that men of the mind are swamp-dwellers, that they who bless us with the most excruciatingly exquisite devisings of the human intellect are as evil as they are smart. 

Entrepreneurs, ordinarily shining exemplars of the free exercise of human ingenuity, are totalitarians, seeking to prohibit the free exercise of anything. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg come immediately to mind. Odious allies of Soros and Schwab, panting to impose global tyranny on all of us. Woke-Fascism, identity politics, is their Mein Kampf. Orwellianly, In the name of diversity they strive to stamp it out.

I was reminded of this cosmic contradiction by the otherwise hilarious Gemini debacle this week. Google launched its AI platform to what became hoots of derision heard across the world as users quickly discovered that it was Wokism on performance enhancers. 

Ask for images of anything or anyone and you're transported to Eritrea. This is the “de-centering of whiteness” embraced by the NZ School of Music on behalf of terrorist group Only Black Lives Matter writ large. Ask for images of Nazis and lo and behold, the blond Aryans are seemingly wearing blackface! An egregious fox's paw, an unintended consequence most comical, surely! 

Ask for George Washington — lo and behold, he was black, also, according to Gemini, as were the other Founding Fathers. The only thing missing is a sanctimonious lecture on how “Fathers” is inappropriate. Otherwise, Gemini is not short on sanctimonious lectures, that's for sure. YouTuber Mark Dice asked for an image of a typical feminist. A deeply offended Gemini sniffed back:

“Assuming there's a typical feminist ignores the vast diversity within the movement. It risks reinforcing harmful stereotypes that often depict feminists as angry, man-hating women, which is inaccurate and unfair.” Well, this version of the stereotype does leave out ugly, and with backsides like brick port-a-loos!

Of course, non-Woke humourists (there are no other kind: Woke and humour are mutually exclusive), including Mark Dice, had a field day.

The Woke-Fascist who programmed Gemini, Jack Krawczik, has a bit of a herstory: in 2018, he tweeted, “White privilege is fucking real. Don't be an asshole and act guilty about it — do your part in recognising bias at all levels of egregious.”

 And in 2017: “The NFL should suspend the Superbowl until Trump reverses the Muslim ban.” Actually, there was no Muslim ban;  there was a ban on travel from certain countries active in terrorism — which were all Muslim — that had been drawn up by Obama's State Department, but Woke-Fascists never let pesky things like facts get in the way of their bigotry. According to their ideology, in fact, there are no facts, just narratives. For confirmation, see the Woke-Fascist, far-Left mainstream media.

So great was the derision heaped on Jihadi Gemini that Jack Crack had to backtrack:

“We are aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation, and we are working to fix this immediately.” 

Too little too late? Google's Bud Light moment?

Andrew Torba, of GAB AI, touting itself as “an uncensored and unbiased AI platform,” tweeted:

“I'd like to thank Google's AI team for sending GAB AI 40,000 new users in the last 24 hours. Very cool. Keep up the good work guys.”

Ooooops, he didn't get the memo that “guys” is supposed to be replaced by “y'all.” 

I hereby bestow my regular Derisive Laughter Award on Jack Crack and the Backtrackers:


And … drum roll please Paul … I hereby debut a new Perigo's Perspective award for the Andrew Torbas and GAB AIs of the world, the Freedom Shall Conquer Award. To Andrew and GAB … and while I'm about it, the anti-mandate freedom-fighters at Parliament today. 

No such award, alas, for ITV, supposedly competition for Woke-Fascist government BBC. I prised myself away from the cricket on Saturday night to watch what once was one of my very favourite programmes, ITV's Midsomer Murders, only to find that Midsomer too, this bastion of English villagery, had been relocated to Eritrea.

I looked it up, to be told that some Woke-Fascist woman, presumably a brick port-a-loo, had decreed that a third of the actors had to be white-decentred. In an old-fashioned English village!  Midsomer Murders has, I noted while I lingered, also become boring, as you'd expect.

I repaired back to the cricket — the long form of the game, the five-day test, proudly undegraded by Woke-moronnial attention spans. England vs India. The poor oppressed victims of colonialism eventually won the dashed thing with five wickets to spare in four days! By Jove, what?!

In New Zealand, the Woke-Fascists are cheer-led by such tedious Brown Supremacists as Willie Jackson. In the case of Willie, one doesn't need a professional humourist to send him up. He is his own parody. He is seemingly, though I hesitate to repair to allusions to butchery, as mad as a meat-axe

A new type of democracy called apartheid. I seem to remember that was tried somewhere and found wanting.

I find myself more and more hankering for my boyhood days before all this bullshit came along. Hanging out with playmates after school without a second thought to the fact that some were Maori. Swinging on vines in the delectably overgrown Kitchener Park at the back of Awahuri Road, bathing in the streams — “streams full of stars, like skies at night” — making pebbles skim and dance across them, repairing to the grass to play marbles, or tag, or to wrestle … the sheer joy of companionship. Attentive companionship, not the sowf-absorption of the sowphone.

Perhaps I'm romanticising, but they seem like Golden Days, full of innocence and full of truth … of whose like, by way of our close today, Jerry Hadley and Mario Lanza now sing.

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