PERIGO'S PERSPECTIVE: The First Domino Has Fallen On A Foul And Pestilent Congregation Of Communists…

It's always edifying and gratifying, dear listeners, to get your feedback, especially since most of it tells me how you find it edifying and gratifying to have me here. I can only say “you're very welcome.” 

It's an honour to be part of the real resistance, the counter-revolution, the antidote to Woke-Fascism, the fulfillment of that most edifying and gratifying banner flown across our skies in anticipation of RCR, RIP Woke Media

How delicious to see that come to pass! May Newsdump be just the first domino to fall of that foul and pestilent congregation of communists. May One Nitwit News, the New Zealand Ferald, National Socialist Radio and Stuff … ed quickly collapse also, and Academia, the very hub of evil, be next. They have all hectored, lectured, gaslit and defrauded us, these smug, sanctimonious government propagandists, for long enough.  If there's an appetite for their version of Pravda, let them put it out there in the open marketplace … and may a thousand flowers bloom, and weeds die.

In any event, amongst the feedback on Faecesbook last week was this, occasioned I assume by my reference to Britonistan and the fact that such formerly quintessentially British TV programmes as Midsomer Murders now appear to have relocated to Eritrea:

“I don't know how but we need to be doing more to stop these so-called refugees from coming to our countries. The globalists are moving quicker than we realise; if we don't move we will be lost.”

To which someone replied:

“I totally agree with you. Unfortunately libertarians like Perigo and ACT don't have any objection to mass immigration.”

I cannot speak for ACT, though I know some of them are globalists, shills for Soros and the World Economic Forum, who ACTively approve of mass immigration.

I can speak for myself. I believe in the right of every person to live his life as he sees fit, constrained only by the obvious corollary that he must respect the right of all others to do the same. That's what Ayn Rand called the non-initiation of force principle, often called the non-aggression principle: “No man may initiate the use of physical force against others. No man—or group or society or government—has the right to assume the role of a criminal and initiate the use of physical compulsion against any man. Men have the right to use physical force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use.” 

As someone who believes in that principle, in a world where billions don't, I am vehemently opposed to mass immigration. I believe governments, charged with protecting their citizens from force-initiators, must be meticulous in vetting those who wish to enter their countries. At minimum, of course, known criminals must be kept out. So too must those of force-initiating ideologies who believe that only they are righteous and right, and that they have the right—nay, the duty—to force their view on everyone else. Here it must be assumed that adherents to such a view are sincere and will act on it. The default position must be to keep them out. In our current context that would mean no Marxists and no Islamists, at minimum. 

Currently, by contrast, Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard has opened America to mass, illegal immigration. That is one of the things he was bribed to do. The invasion by ten million third worlders, including Marxists, Islamists and criminals since Biden's inauguration is not the result of incompetence, mismanagement or senility. It is deliberate. Now we learn that 300,000 illegals have been flown in secretly by Biden in the last 12 months. Without disclosing who was bribing him, Biden told us what he would do and he has been devastatingly competent in doing it.

This is no mere surge, of course; it is an invasion, more consequential than an open war. No conventional warfare would enable one side to infiltrate the other with 10 million soldiers.

How is this working out?

Who knows what fresh terror the Islamists are plotting in their zeal for Death to America? We'll all know soon enough.

China's Marxist Triads have joined the criminal cartels in facilitating the flow of Fentanyl, killing 300 Americans a day, along with slavery, including the sexual enslavement of children. 20,000 military age single males from Communist China have crossed the border since October. It's doubtful that they're there to pick Nancy Pelosi's grapes.

Random criminals have been running amok, looting, raping and killing. The murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley while out on a jog in Athens, Georgia, by an illegal immigrant from socialist shithole Venezuela—who had already been arrested for multiple felonies multiple times and not deported—has finally awakened complacent Americans into long overdue outrage. 

Dem-Scum who hate America and love the invasion have been beside themselves in their haste to downplay the grisly murder, which left Laken's skull shattered. The Dem-Scum Woke-Fascist Mayor of Athens, Kelly Girtz, who has turned Athens into the equivalent of a Sanctuary City by stealth, tried to blame Trump. I'll let Jesse Watters pick up the story, but the first voice here is that of the Mayor, who, like Biden, is among the lowest forms of life. The audience outrage is edifying and gratifying.

That's how to deal with Woke-Fascist oleaginites. Don't let them get away with their slimy spin. Did you know, by the way, that part of that spin now is to call illegal aliens, not “undocumented immigrants,” which was a bad enough euphemism, but “newcomers”?? I guess the illegal alien who bashed in Laken Riley's skull was a newcomer acting inappropriately?!

My immigration plan is very simple. None. Except for those avowedly and provably committed to the non-initiation of force principle. Aside from that, no immigration at all. Lots of emigration, though. I would include a voluntary self-deportation plan whereby advocates of mass immigration would be entitled to a one-way ticket on the taxpayer dime to a shithole of their choice with whose unfortunate inhabitants they would love to flood our country. Iran, say, or Venezuela, or North Korea or Communist China or Somalia or Yemen or Eritrea. A sanctuary for all the laid-off Pravda propagandists! A communist dictatorship or Islamic theocracy. Woke-Fascist Nirvana! Don't know how they'll get on with their pronouns, though. 

As for genuine refugees … well, Rachmaninoff fled Russia when it became a communist dictatorship. That's my kind of refugee.. He'd be head of the queue under my system. The skills, too!  REAL Nirvana!

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Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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