PERIGO'S PERSPECTIVE: Sign The People's Terms!

Preliminary chat with Paul on hate speech, then:

Today I come with a command. You have no choice but to obey; I am suspending NIOF — that's the non-initiation of force principle — indefinitely. If you do not comply with my command, I shall punish you with something beyond cruel and unusual, something to which the eternal fires of Hell would be preferable, something ghastly beyond the capacity of humans to conceive, something even worse than the witchly Woke witterings of alleged television political editors … though that does come close; something not at all edifying and not remotely gratifying — except to me. I shall disclose this punishment before the end of my talk, so you cannot play snowflake/victim and pretend you weren't fairly forewarned. 

The Command is: Sign the People's Terms!

Sign the People's Terms. Why? 

Because we must ensure the Commission of Inquiry into Jacinda Jackboot's handling of the Chinese Communist Party's Wuhan warfare is not a whitewash, which it is currently set up to be.

If I were to couch the following in my terms it would be unbroadcastable. Let me quote the far more polite folk at Voices For Freedom:

There are only three days left to have your say on the future direction of New Zealand's Covid inquiry. If you've yet to get behind The People's Terms public pressure campaign, here are…

Six Reasons to Become a Signatory!

  1. Flush out the Pfizer contract

The People's Terms calls for the contracts with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to be exposed (Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, etc.), including public release of contracts, timing, details and people involved in negotiations and procurement, Government departments responsible, contract provisions and conflict of interests.

  1. Shine a light on vaccine safety, monitoring, surveillance, injury & death

The People's Terms include a detailed list of specifications for examining everything related to vaccine safety, including monitoring and surveillance systems, adverse reactions, injury and death, compensation schemes, excess deaths statistics, and much more!

  1. Scrutinise gain-of-function research

The People's Terms call for the investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2, including gain-of-function research and experimentation, the risks of genetic engineering increasing the lethality and transmissibility of pathogens, international warnings regarding safety and security, and any involvement by New Zealand.

  1. Muckrake the mandates

The Government's vaccine mandates impacted us all. The People's Terms demand that the Covid Inquiry investigate Government-ordered and employer-specified mandates, including informed consent implications, ethical and rights-based assessments, the lawfulness of decisions, coercion, global vaccine passports, health and safety issues, and more.

  1. Remove and replace the Commissioners

In addition to The People's Terms, the document calls for the removal and replacement of Commissioners Blakely and Whitehead, the disbanding and replacement of all other staff currently engaged for the Commission of Inquiry (or the termination of the current inquiry), that three new suitable Commissioners be appointed, that decision makers be compelled to appear and answer questions under oath, that evidence be given in public with proceedings being live-streamed, and that all evidence be made publicly available.

  1. Put the ‘Experts' on the stand

The People's Terms shine a spotlight on the Government's choice of expert advisors (including but not limited to Michael Baker, Helen Petousis-Harris, Siouxsie Wiles, Michael Plank, Rod Jackson, and Shaun Hendy) and whether their advice was sufficiently broad, balanced, suitable, or contestable. It also seeks to discover what alternative advice was refused or not allowed into the decision-making room.

Remember, politics is a numbers game

Creating a flood of overwhelming support by way of The People's Terms petition is our one chance to show the new Coalition Government that this is what the people want.

Sign the People's Terms petition

Demand a proper inquiry!



Sign it as soon as we're done here. Paul won't mind if you're distracted for half a minute, which is all it will take. Will you Paul?!

But first, I would like to propose our beloved Lady Olivia Pierson as one of the commissioners to replace corrupt hacks. She has done magnificent due diligence on this matter, whose fruit you can see on her website, 

And second, in fairness, as promised, I wish to acquaint you with the excruciating suffering you will be made to endure, endlessly, if you don't. Air New Zealand — or as airhead fry-quacking Green-voting  bimbos call it, Eh Nyow Zullud? — is running virtue-signalling TV ads in conjunction with the Department of Blue-Assed Fart-Tits — about their new Air Points plan for canines, or some such. The ads are cringey beyond compare, but even worse than the infantilism of the content is the cretinism of the elocution — allukyowshun? — of the mock flight attendant — floyt attindunt? — quacking and croaking her way through the script. As you're about to hear. And if you don't sign the People's Terms, Paul, who unlike technophobe moi is a techno-genius who knows how to do all these clever new-fangled  things, will put this onto a recurring loop and beam it down your phones in perpetuity. Forever. There will be no escape! 

I wonder what a sense of smow is? Is that the famed 6th sense that has eluded theologians and philosophers for millennia? And what is wowcome? And what or where is Aotearoa?

If the edifying and gratifying fantasy of turning Jacinda Jackboot into Jacinda Jumpsuit doesn't entice you to sign the People's Terms, not to mention exposing who was on the take from Pfizer, surely the certainty of having to endure the crime against humanity you've just heard, must!

One YouTube poster commented: “More silliness from Air New Zealand.” That is being VERY polite!

No chance you'll hear about the People's Terms in the terminally ill, bribed pseudo-media, of course. They acted as Jacinda Jackboot's cheerleaders throughout Wuhan and continue to be the propaganda arms of Labour, the Greens and Te Paaaaati Maaaaadi even in their death throes. It seems the Woke-Fascists are not proposing to go gentle into that good night; they are going to rage, rage, against the dying of the light. I quote from the estimable Muriel Newman's latest newsletter:

Despite the clear message the public has sent to the mainstream media, they are now being called upon to support a campaign to ‘save’ TVNZ programmes and staff. Launched by the journalists’ union E tu, the campaign is being led by ‘Negotiation Specialist’ Michael Wood — the former Labour Party Minister who described the Parliamentary protesters as a “river of filth”.

Their open letter includes the line, “When it comes to building and protecting a strong media landscape, every single New Zealander is a stakeholder.”

But instead of sympathising with the plight of those high-profile presenters fronting the campaign, many New Zealanders will be of a view that the media is now getting an overdue reality check. Some will say the media is getting what it deserves.

Democracy is undoubtedly enhanced by a strong media landscape. But if New Zealand is to return to having that, there needs to be a reset. The media needs to commit to their own principles to “be bound at all times by accuracy, fairness and balance, and… not deliberately mislead or misinform readers by commission or omission.


This refers to the pseudo-media's stated policy of ignoring any questioning of orthodox climate change hysteria, as evinced by the editor of Stuff…ed:

“We'll feature a wide range of views as part of this project, but we won't include climate change ‘scepticism’. Including denialism wouldn't be ‘balanced’; it'd be a dangerous waste of time. The experts have debunked denialism, so now we'll move on.”

“Some will say the media is getting what it deserves”? I should say!!


Notwithstanding the madding Woke-Fascist mob, there is still a St Patrick's Day, celebrated again this past weekend, not least in America, where the first parade took place in what is now St. Augustine, Florida, in 1601. General George Washington, eager to bring some relief to his beleaguered army at Morristown, NJ, issued a Proclamation which commemorated the first official St. Patrick's Day on March 17, 1780. And still it continues around the world … a life-affirming, Woke-killing festival of Guinness, corned beef and cabbage … and of course, Irish songs. 

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Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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    I never miss a “Perigo rant”, just like I never missed his slot on Radio Pacific or those years ago. Makes me laugh, makes my week. Keep it up my good man.

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