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It was edifying and gratifying a few days ago to be directed to the following on I say directed to because one would never go there and thus soil oneself of one's own volition, now would one?!

A new political poll conducted by Curia Market Research shows a big boost for ACT as they return to double digits support.

Compared with the last Curia poll, also commissioned by New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, in November 2023, ACT has jumped up 5.6 points to 13.7%.

National was up 2.6 points to 39.6% while Labour had dropped 0.4 points to 27.9%, according to the poll.

NZ First has dropped 1 point to 5%, and the Green Party has dropped 4.8 points to 9%.

Interjecting: Whoa! The Red-Greens down 5 points? Could it be that the electorate is unimpressed by sanctimonious, whining, entitled Islamist politicians with vocal fry who shop without money?! 


Te Pāti Māori has dropped 1.1 points to 2.3%.

Interjecting: Te Paaaaaati Maaaaaadi are the best argument for the abolition of the Maori seats one could muster. I have taken to watching Parliament again since the election — it was unendurable prior — and have formed the impression that Te Paaaaaati Maaaadi MPs are reimagining themselves as a museum. I suppose there are those who would say, a museum within a zoo. People might think that; I couldn't possibly comment.


Christopher Luxon dropped four points on November to 29% in the preferred Prime Minister stakes. Chris Hipkins was up one to 19%.

David Seymour increased six points to 10%, while Winston Peters was up one point on 6%.

Chlöe Swarbrick was also on 6%, unchanged from November.

Interjecting: 6% want that to be Prime Minister? Who could possibly want that? Screeching Generation Zombie bimbos like the ones who threw soup at the Mona Lisa for the sake of the planet, no doubt. Calling for the right to “healthy and sustainable food”.

Digressing: They were demanding food vouchers for the purchase of lettuce and lentils, which, of course, cause cancer — not to mention the most planet-threatening farts imaginable. Vegan farts are an existential threat to all animate and inanimate matter. Green salads are as lethal as Chloe's word salads!  Healthy and sustainable food? Steak, eggs and red wine! 

Here I am qualified to comment. Some years ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, with an hBA1c of 43. Over 50 is full-blown diabetes; under 40 and you're in the clear. To my doctor's horror I went on something akin to the Atkins Diet. Steak, eggs and red wine. Not that the red wine was a departure for me. A few short weeks later I was tested again: lo and behold, 37. In the clear.  I was also several kilograms lighter. My doctor was choking on his lettuce in astonishment.

But I do digress. The poll. Notice how casually Seymour's dramatic rise in the preferred Prime Minister stakes is recorded then glided on by. It should have been the headline. If it were Chloe Swarbrick it would have been. 

The Stuffed bribed-and-paid-for Wokesters must have been choking on their lettuce even to mention Seymour's stunning surge, let alone acknowledge the likely reason for it, which they didn't: his standing resolute on his Treaty Principles Bill while Lily-Livered Luxon waffled and caved. Luxon down 4; Seymour up 6. Voters were responding to a politician who, while not being noted for backbone, was finally showing some.

The bribed mainstream media, of course, are choking on their broccoli over this Bill, even before it's drafted. They have shamelessly thrown out all distinction between asking a question and making a speech; between playing devil's advocate and brazenly pushing one's own partisan agenda; between speech and squawking; between listening, then probing … and interrupting, then preaching; between interviewing and debating; debating pitifully at that.

Still, I am not a fan of Seymour. If he renounces his Wuhan treason I might become one, but I doubt that Pfizer and China would allow it. It should occur to him though, that but for this treason ACT would have scored in double digits in the election itself, and Winston would not have come into contention. It should occur to Seymour that continuing to build the beginnings of a backbone might yield even richer electoral rewards. There is an appetite for someone who has the courage of his convictions, and has convictions to have the courage of! 

Seymour should contemplate a Close the Communist Chinese Embassy Bill, or a Leave the United Nations Bill, or a Declaration of Independence from the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation Bill, or a Repudiation of the Asinine Carbon Zero Policy Bill, or a There Are Only Two Genders Bill, or a … oh dear, what am I thinking? I don't know what has come over me. Nurse, quickly, the pill, please. The orange one!

Of course, the self-same fake media and their screeching, squawking, quacking, vocal frying grotesqueries who denounced Orange Man Bad's China travel ban as racist, when it became apparent how sensible it was, denounced him for not introducing it sooner. New Zealand's Mainstream Marxist Media are proudly, openly banning any views that dissent from their own bought-and-paid for climate hysteria.

Media have been the last bastion of freedom to fall in Antonio Gramsci's Long March through the Culture, begun a century ago. Seymour's onto it, though you'd never know. Mark Levin and Ted Cruz are onto it, and oppose it openly. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the rise in our Coalition's popularity, the revolts in Argentina and the Netherlands, the stirrings across Europe, the resurgence of MAGA in America, suggest that the long march may yet be reversed. Civilisation is fighting back against barbarism. 

I close as is my custom by repairing to that civilisation at its best humanity as it might be, ought to be and often is, some shape of beauty that moves away the pall from our dark spirits, as the Dead White Male Keats might say … 

Legendary conductor Seiji Ozawa has just passed away. I cannot think of a more fitting antidote to soup-throwers, Mainstream Media Marxists, shoppers without money, fry-quacking bimbos, Brown Supremacists, the Chinese Communist Party and Woke-Fascists in general, than Ozawa, the Boston Symphony and another estimable Dead White Male, Beethoven.

Seiji Ozawa, Choral Fantasy

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Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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