Perigo’s Perspective On Totalitarian Weasels – 29 Jun 2023

Among the most gratifying of comments that came in after last week's Perspective was this one:

“What I respect most about you is that you don't pull any punches. You deliver your statements with total conviction, giving off zero sense of self-censorship. Many of us have been waiting years, decades even, to hear someone in the media, ANY media, call out the BS to the full extent that you do.”

That was music to my ears, especially since I have spent years fending off milksops pretending to be on my side who fault me for my passion. I make no apology for the trembling in my voice. They can stick their nuances, their pragmatic cowardice, up their gay place!

What was especially reassuring and edifying in this message—the writer will get the joke here—is that he told me was born after I left television, meaning he can be no older than 30. And here was I thinking all millennials are moronnials … snowflakes given to temper tantrums if someone expresses a blunt opinion; especially a true blunt opinion.

The battle between weasel piss and candid expression has been around for a while. Before he got the chance to say, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” Ronald Reagan had bemoaned the pervasiveness of weasel words, and called on Republicans to be more brave in their rhetoric. Bold colours, no pale pastels!

When he did get the chance to say, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” he nearly didn't.

State Department and National Security Council weasel-pissers found the words “outlandish” and “provocative” and “unpresidential.” Sounds depressingly familiar, doesn't it?!

For three weeks, the National Security Council and the State Department went back and forth with the White House communications team to change the speech. Seven alternative drafts were submitted, each version missing the call to tear down the wall. Each time it was taken out, Reagan put it back in … and when the moment came, he delivered it.

So if the weasel-pissers had had their way, one of the most famous and significant lines of the 20th century would never have been uttered. The wall indeed might still be up.

I gave an egregious example of wishy-washy weasel piss from the Democracy NZ web site last week:

Politics is about people, and policy changes lives. Our Party values will drive our policy development.

Our policies will be integrated and interconnected. They will be developed with people – for people.

Oh, you don't say!

Now here's Christina Luxon on the day the Third World People's Banana Republic of Aotearoa slipped into recession:

Every Kiwi deserves to get ahead and have access to high quality public services, like better healthcare, higher education standards and effective policies that will restore law and order.

But that can’t happen without a strong economy, and this morning New Zealand officially entered recession.

It marks six straight months of decline for the New Zealand economy.

Labour will make excuses about this being a problem imported from overseas. But the data does not lie: New Zealand is now in worse shape than the countries we compare ourselves with.

Australia, Canada and the US have all faced similar global challenges, but none face the toxic economic predicament we now find ourselves in – with sky-high inflation, rapidly rising interest rates, a current-account blow-out and now a shrinking economy.

It is only through a strong economy that we can bring down the cost of living, unleash the economy to raise incomes for all and pay for the public services Kiwis need and deserve.

National has a plan to fix the economy. We will stop wasteful government spending, give you tax relief, and deliver the skills, infrastructure and innovation New Zealand needs to thrive.

Now, more than ever before, New Zealand needs sound economic management to get through these difficult times.

He's talking about the worst, most evil, tyrannical regime in New Zealand history, but you'd never know it from his words! Economic collapse is one of the inevitable outcomes of such tyranny. Tyranny is an abomination. The Leader of the Opposition, while opposition is still allowed, should be seething, bristling, fuming, reining hellfire and brimstone down on this tyranny and the devastation it has wrought. This is a time for the boldest of bold colours.

Instead we get the palest of pale pastels. Luxon, of course, is Leader of the Controlled Opposition, part of the Uniparty, a truly wicked globalist, Sorosian cabal, including the Pfizer shill Snake Seymour. And, of course, Chrissie Hipkiss, dutifully genuflecting to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in Communist China.

One waited in vain for an earthquake from the National Party conference over the weekend. Instead, not so much as a tremor.

While our beloved country burns, its treasonous, foul and pestilent weasel-wording globalists w***.

When Britain squared off with tyranny, she had a leader sporting the boldest of bold colours. He didn't waffle on about getting through these difficult times. He promised blood, toil, tears and sweat. Let's conclude by reminding ourselves what leadership in the fight against tyranny sounds like.

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Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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    Nic parker August 23, 2023 at 10:48 am - Reply

    Way to go! Lindsey Perigo. Not sure what you were up to while we fought the thugs in Parliament grounds but you are telling it right now. Seriously , good on you for announcing how serious this takeover by the weasels is!

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