Perigo’s Perspective: NZ First’s Policy Under The Spotlight – 27 Jul 2023

We must be especially vigilant as our election approaches as to evil politicians and bureaucrats who equate the hurt feelings of snowflakes with “harm” and use this supposed harm to justify the crushing of free speech. I'd draw listeners' attention to Peter Williams' excellent interview with Judge Harvey now up on Replay here, and to the fact that the deadline for feedback to the unelected Department of Internal Affairs' revolting proposal to have an unelected Regulator censor online speech, is this coming Monday. If you want help sending feedback, go to

The one per cent parties are all much sounder on this issue than the Uniparty. It's a pity they can't suspend their differences and unite on their commonalities. Now we're hearing – talk about deja vu all over again already – Winston's the One! Winston will get to five per cent, Winston will save us from the globalist totalitarianism of Jacinda Jackboot and the rest of the Uniparty, Well, forgive me but I find it hard to forgive him for unleashing Jackboot on us in the first place, even though he says he in fact put a leash on her. I find it hard to forgive him for signing the Globalist Global Migration Compact, even though it purported to be non-binding and paid lip-service to national sovereignty. I find it hard to forgive him for intoning Woke-Fascist platitudes such as “Alt-Right” when dismissing critics of Jacinda's junta.

I am mindful that we must above all else remove the present disgusting regime from office. But I'm also confident that under a National/ACT regime nothing much would change. Woke-Fascism in particular would still rampage, the agenda of George Soros and the World Economic Forum would proceed uninterrupted. Might it be thinkable to hold one's nose and party vote New Zealand First, in the hope that Winston means some of the good things he has been saying recently, including right here to Paul?

I watch absolutely no New Zealand news, since the infantile quacking of the frenetic females is beyond unendurable. I have absorbed the fact that there's been a brouhaha over a cabinet minister named Kiri, which evidently has been suitably operatic. But I digress. I looked up New Zealand First to see what they're touting as the 2023 campaign kicks off. Click on Our Policies and 13 bullet points come up. Here are some, with commentary:

New Zealand First will not form a government with the Labour Party.

Hear! Hear! A resounding yes to that! But then, with whom, and at what cost to the other bullet points?

Under New Zealand First vaccine mandates will end.

Hear! Hear, again! But actually, they have ended. We need a resounding commitment that they will never be reintroduced. We need a Truth Commission to establish how it ever got to mandates and lockdowns in the first place, including just who might have been getting kickbacks from Pfizer.

Under New Zealand First, we will change all of the woke virtue signaling names of every government department back to English – back to what they were before the academics from university sociology departments started this madness a few years ago.

An unreserved yes to that! Even better, get rid of some government departments altogether! Get rid of sociology departments! Woke-Fascism goes much deeper than just the changing of names. Address all of it!

New Zealand First will designate gangs ‘Terrorist Entities' under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2022.

Well, by all means designate Lockdown Labour a “terrorist entity.” Deport its leaders to Iran or Communist China; they'd love it there, and our liberties might be safer. But the knee-jerk obsession with gangs in election years bothers me. There is such a thing as freedom of association. A crime is a crime is a crime, regardless of who commits it, gang member or not. All crime should be aggressively prosecuted regardless of its motive or who the partners were.

Then we get to pure pork.

New Zealand First will collaborate with local council to develop the Dargaville Aerodrome.

We support a Waste to Energy plant to be located in Northland in place of the Dome Valley rubbish dump.

We support moving the Ports of Auckland operations to Northport and establishing a Naval base in the area.

Gosh, there must be an electorate up there!

Nothing about the push for more Apartheid by Brown Supremacists, nothing about the takeover by Only Black Lives Matter – now there's a terrorist group! – of the New Zealand School of Music, nothing about telling the Davos Diabolists and the Chinese Communist Party to shove it, nothing about free speech… there's a lot that should be on a main page of bullet points that isn't.

So I'm unconvinced that Winston's the One. When he says good things, I find it much easier to believe that he doesn't mean them than that he does.

I wish we had someone like Vivek Ramaswamy here. He's enjoying a meteoric rise in the battle for the Republican party presidential nomination. He's now in third place. He'll make the debates and rise even higher. He won't beat Trump, assuming the Deep State doesn't beat Trump, but may well be Trump's pick for VP. In his principles and policies he is unabashedly MAGA, pro_Declaration and pro-Constitution. He's highly intelligent, successful, coherent and articulate … easy on the ear as well as the eye. Here's a taste.

Viva Vivek! Like Trump, Vivek knows if the regime of Beijing Biden the Bribed Bastard continues in any way, shape or form, all of America will go the way of the once-impossibly-beautiful San Francisco, now a hell-hole of homelessness, feces, needles, poverty, corpses and crime, including the crimes perpetrated by globalist elites like the Biden Crime Family and the Pelosis who get stinking rich from it all.

So, in this week's music, let's remember the San Francisco that was. In Biden's America, dead people get to vote, so it must also be possible to vote for dead people. Anyone from anywhere in the world can get to vote in Democrat-run states; there's no voter ID and the borders are wide open. If I get there, my vote will go to to Tony Bennett, who died this past week at the age of 96! What a piece of work was this man!

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Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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