Perigo’s Perspective: A Boisterous Debate Amongst Party Candidates And A No-Show Biden

I tuned into a boisterous debate among party candidates for Northland the other night, part of a series organised by the Taxpayers Union and moderated by Bomber Bradbury and Damien Grant of the Working Group Podcast. Good on them for putting it on.

Before the debate began, the Taxpayers' Union presented the results of a poll it had conducted in the electorate showing a huge swing away from Labour, who currently hold the seat, to National. Other, nationwide, polls recently have of course shown the same thing. 

It's quite clear we're about to get rid of the worst, most tyrannical government in our history, and that will be a great relief.

 But it will be no occasion for freedom-lovers to stand down. Luxon and Seymour are globalists just like Jacinda Jackboot. Soros and Schwab and the World Health Organisation and the United Nations will be calling the shots just as they do now. The march toward full-blown tyranny will continue apace if freedom-lovers don't maintain the fighting spirit they displayed at Parliament when no politician would speak to them. None of those politicians should be re-elected, but many of them will be.

In a debate that focussed heavily on potholes, it was encouraging to hear Matt King from Democracy NZ talk about freedom and national sovereignty.

Matt King later pushed back against Bomber Bradbury's accusations of being a conspiracy theorist.

Of course, potholes matter. In Northland they're apparently ubiquitous. They must be fixed. But so too must totalitarianism. New Zealand First's Shane Jones had some great lines about Climate Catastrophists and the people I call Woke-Fascists.

Perhaps the best line of the evening was Damien Grant's, when he suggested that one helpful way to reduce stratospheric government spending would be to abolish the Human Rights Commission!

If I lived in Northland I think I'd be inclined to vote for Matt King in the constituency vote and give my party vote to New Zealand First, since Shane Jones knows what a woman is.

Someone who doesn't know what day it is is Joe Biden, bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party, who went to communist Vietnam and became the first President since 9/11 not to visit one of the attack sites on the anniversary … and the first President ever to have his mike cut by his staff.

Beijing Biden's puppeteers are leading the land of the free toward tyranny just as surely as here. Perhaps it'll be over to us now?

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Lindsay Perigo
Lindsay Perigo is a New Zealand broadcaster, author and commentator, once hailed by Metro magazine as “the doyen of political interviewers.” He infamously walked out of Television New Zealand in 1993, calling its news and current affairs “braindead.” Lindsay contributes to the Breakfast programme with Perigo's Perspective on Thursday mornings.

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    Richard McGrath October 4, 2023 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    The day of reckoning for this tyrannical Labour government is nigh!

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