The Inquiry Sessions

Are you interested in New Zealand's Covid-19 Inquiry developments? Do you have an opinion on what should be included in the investigation?

RCR wants to see an independent, full-scale, wide-ranging and public inquiry into NZ's Covid response.

The Inquiry Sessions are a series of interviews with a variety of people involved in or impacted by the Covid response in one way or another. From scientists and researchers to medical professionals and Commissioners, lawyers, and everyday Kiwis, The Inquiry Sessions seeks to elucidate the happenings of the past four years in an accessible and interesting way.

The Inquiry Sessions interviews are broadcast throughout RCR's range of programmes. Keep an eye on our social media to see what is coming up each day and listen live, or click on the replays below to catch up on a past session.

About Alistair Harding

Having begun his career as a journalist in New Zealand in 1998 and had a brief stint in Australia, Alistair Harding spent 18 years in Singapore working in publishing, branding, and then television production before returning to New Zealand in 2018. 

It is in the documentary film space that Alistair is most-known by Reality-Check Radio listeners, for his work creating ‘We Came Here for Freedom’ – a two-part film about the 2022 Wellington parliament occupation protest. As well as that, Alistair’s first feature-length film was his award-winning film, ’The Sea Decides’ (2021), about Kiwi adventurer Grant Rawlinson’s epic quest to travel by human power from Singapore to New Zealand.

Alistair heads up many of The Inquiry Sessions interviews, particularly speaking with professionals in the science and medicine space.

Alistair contributes to the Breakfast programme, conducting interviews for RCR's Inquiry Sessions focused on keeping the Covid-19 Inquiry honest. He also hosts and produces RCR's new documentary series, In/Focus

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