Politics Explained

If politics is something that never really tickled your fancy until recent times, and you're keen to learn some of the fundementals, then our Real Talk regular feature is for you. Join Rodney Hide and Tane Webster as they get back to basics to explore how New Zealand's political system works. Be sure to sign up for the RCR mailing list and follow the RCR Facebook page to find out whether Politics Explained is on a Tuesday or Thursday during the Real Talk show from 10 am to 1 pm.

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About Tane Webster

Tane is a young man of many talents. He has a keen interest in politics, community building, and NZ society. He is a member of the Puketapu-Bell Block Community Board in Taranaki. When he is not engaging in political discussion and strategy, Tane can often be found with a microphone asking Kiwis on the street their thoughts on controversial issues.

Talk with Rodney Hide with the Politics Explained feature.

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