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Money Talks with Farzin Irani is an audience favourite here at RCR. If you've ever wondered about how the financial system works, including banking, currencies, mortgages, debt, and more, or what is happening in the broader international context of the financial system, then Money Talks is for you! Every Thursday morning on the Breakfast programme, just after 8 am, Paul catches up with Farzin to discuss a new ‘money' related topic, including listener questions and feedback.

Please note: The information in these sessions is for education and entertainment. For tailored financial advice, please see a financial advisor. 

About Farzin Irani

Farzin's Banking and Financial services career spans 18 years across multiple countries (India, New Zealand, and Australia). Through our Money Talks series, he shares his expertise on monetary issues and economics that will affect us all in the coming years, and he breaks down and explores local and international financial system-related topics in a 101 style that is perfect for those new to the subject. You can find out more about Farzin and the services he offers on his website Success Simplified.

Farzin contributes to the Breakfast programme with the Money Talks feature on Thursday mornings.

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