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Monday mornings are Health Hacks mornings on the Breakfast programme with Paul Brennan. Dr Glen Davies from Reversal NZ joins the show each week to share knowledge, tips, and tricks for reaching and maintaining optimal health. Tune in live around 8 am on Mondays or click on the replay links below to catch up on past episodes.

Dr Glen Davies

Glen was born in Wellington in 1965 and grew up in a number of small towns, including Mangakino. He gradated from University of Otago in 1989. Glen worked in a mission hospital in Papua New Guinea for 2 years. While medical superintendent he was part of the team managing the Vunapope state of emergency caused by the major eruption of 2 local volcanoes. He now works as a GP with a special interest in lifestyle medicine and reversing Type 2 Diabetes at Reversal NZ.

Dr. Glen contributes to the Breakfast programme with the Health Hacks feature on Monday mornings.

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