Marty Gibson

About Marty Gibson

Marty Gibson has been an engineering polymers technical salesman, a quarry engineer, a used car salesman, and a cleaning contractor. Conceived in Janet Frame’s bed and descended from the first white woman born in Poverty Bay, he has worked in shearing gangs, pruned pine trees and driven trucks in road gangs patching potholes. He has been a bouncer, barman, beekeeper, builder, and painter. He drove prostitutes around Wellington, spent five years as a journalist for The Gisborne Herald, and worked as a media and marketing contractor for iwi, medical organisations and polytechs. He has a bachelor’s degree in science, and post-graduate qualifications in marketing. He now lives happily in New Zealand’s Florida, Papamoa. He makes olive oil, has a carpet cleaning business, and is a keen gardener, husband and father of three young children.
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